The 2022 season is fast approaching and the club is looking in great shape! The numbers on the track have been very impressive and the boys and girls look fit and strong.

The Oakleigh Women’s team have a new coach and have put in a great preseason with good things to come.

The U19s are big and strong! There are a couple of boys who are over 6 foot 4 and can move like the wind! The U19s have a new coach as well and their numbers on the track have increased with big things expected.

200 Club

This year we have changed up the 200 club but kept the price the same.

The 200 Club will be in the new rooms and entrance will be from the back-side door (Golf Course side) The pots will be cold and the food HOT for a change (Sorry Mick I had to get one in !!)

We have introduced the Krushers members draw to all 200 club members. The Krushers members draw jack potted to $900 last season without going off and this year it will start at $500. Each 200 club member will be in this home game draw. Each 200 club member will receive 3 drinks per home game 2 at half time and 1 after the game to watch your name come out of the Krushers members draw. You must be present to win the members draw!!

Each 200 club member will receive a card which will be stamped / policed this year as there are too many free loaders??

We are also reintroducing the $1000 Gorilla club with 8 members signed up already. (This can be paid in instalments) The $1000 club will receive 5 drinks each home game, 1 ticket to the Presentation night dinner, 2 names in the Krusher members draw.

The banking details are below so please sign up NOW!

Payment is now required!!

Bendigo Bank (Pinewood)

BSB & Account number 633-000/148181779

Please state your name when you are paying into the account for our records.


$200 before the first game home game SATURDAY the 6th of April

 Oakleigh Vs Preston Bullants

Any problems or questions don’t hesitate to call

Patrick Heverin 0402 905 198

Mick Costigan 0478 005 844

Brendan Fitzgerald 0417 397 844

Practice Matches 2019

30-3-2019 Oakleigh Vs Mulgrave (Mulgrave’s ground)

Beers and BBQ will be on the go!!


First Game is at HOME Vs 6th of April Oakleigh Vs Preston.

The 1999 Senior and 2009 U18 reunion will take place on June 15th at Oakleigh. The game will be against our great friends down at Peninsula Grammar School (Not)

We are conducting luncheons each home game so start booking in and planning these dates.

200 club needs more members and we all need to bring along a mate / friend and join them up.

LUNCHEON – To be conducted in the NEW clubrooms at half time of each senior home game (approx 3.15PM)

WEEKLY $100 RAFFLE – Each home game luncheon, a member’s number will be drawn out of a barrel.  The member whose number is drawn will win $100 (Each member can only win once.)

DRINKS – 3 complimentary beers, wines or soft drink or 1 spirit per home game.  Your membership card will be marked with the Round number x 2 (eg: R1) The card will be clipped when you redeem your drinks.

MEMBERS CARD – A membership card with the member’s membership number, fixture, social events and contact numbers will also be issued.  The number on the card is what will be drawn for the raffles.

END OF SEASON GOLF WEEKEND – This is an optional extra in Sep/Oct but it is a FANTASTIC Week-end dates to be confirmed??

TATTSLOTTO CLUB –   Weekly Tatts lotto ticket win be purchased and published at the 200 club luncheon each fortnight.  Proceeds to go on the bar or the money will be split between the 200 CLUB Members

If you would like to pay now contact Pat Heverin 0402 905 198 or




Includes all of the ‘Krusher 200 Club & Gold Club’ benefits as well as the following:

  • After match Social Club drink card for 5 drinks per home game
  • Single pass to Presentation night and all club functions
  • Complimentary Cuban cigars at last round.


Payments can be cash, cheque or credit card.

Bendigo Bank (Pinewood)

BSB & Account number 633-000    /148181779

Please state your name when you are paying into the account for our records.