These are the words to our club song.

(To the tune of When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again)

Oakleigh won again today hooray, horray,

We proved that we’re the better side today, today.

We knocked them down, we drank their blood,

And then we rubbed them in the mud

And we’ll be premiers in 2023

They’ve never met a team like us before, before,

When we go down we jump right back and fight some more,

Everyone of us are mates,

And all the rest are second rates

And we’ll be premiers in 2023


(To the tune of “Lily of Laguna”)

We are the red, blue and whites,

We are the old darn red, blue and whites.

We’re the team that never lets you down,

We’re the only team from Oakleigh Town.

Some come to jeer us, while others cheer us, when they are near us.

We are the 2023 premiers, we are the good old red, blue and whites!

What did we give em ….? A Shellacking x 3 (louder each time)

That they so richly deserved!

You beauty, you beauty, you beauty!