In confronting scenes at Whitefriars College on Saturday an Oakleigh reserves player suffered a heart attack and had to be revived twice before he could be taken to hospital. Moments after the quarter time siren Oakleigh’s Andrew Crothers collapsed. He was immediately pounced on by the Whitefriars and Oakleigh trainers who, along with a player and a member of the support staff, performed CPR until the ambulance arrived. After being revived a second time, Mr Crothers was stabilised and regained consciousness before being rushed to Box Hill Hospital. The good news is Mr Crothers recovered and spent the night in hospital for observation. The reserves match was abandoned as a result and the senior players were given the option of playing or calling their game off as well but both sides chose to play and the match went ahead.

Given that the Oakleigh players had just witnessed one of their own fighting for his life, they, along with the Whitefriars team, could be forgiven for just going through the motions but, to their credit, both sides had a real go. Whitefriars were first to open their account and looked fired up to win their third match of the season but the Oaks were not about to let that happen particularly when there’s a spot in the finals on the line. The Oaks hit back but the Friars enthusiasm saw them go to the first change with a 7 point lead. The Krushers lifted their game in the second booting 3 goals to 1 and, due to some wayward kicking, probably should have been further in front than 10 points at the main break.

The third term was a fairly even affair with the hosts shaving the margin to 9 points at the last change. Oakleigh again threatened to blow the game open in the last term jumping out to a 26 point lead midway through the quarter but a combination of a spirited rally by the Friars, some fumbling and poor delivery by the Oaks along with some bewildering decisions by the umpires saw the difference cut to 13 points at the final bell. Aaron Cloke was the Krushers leading goal kicker with 5, Trevor Bromley added 3 and Leroy Moeller along with Chris Grant chipped in for 2 each. Tim Michael, Adam Mathiesson and Jim Hunt were among the Oaks best.

The U/19s played host to Hampton Rovers at Scammell reserve and, after two straight losses, bounced back onto the winners list after proving too good for the Rovers. The Oaks got off to a great start booting 5 goals to 2 in the opening term to take a 22 point lead into quarter time. Another 3 goals to 1 in the second term gave the Krushers a 37 point lead at the main change. In a low scoring third quarter, the Rovers fought back to cut the deficit to 27 points but the Oaks held control in the last and cruised to a 32 point victory. Dylan Goodwill kicked 4 for Oakleigh with Harry Boontjes adding 2, Corey Moore, Hayden Everitt and Mina Farid were among The Krushers best players.

Oakleigh Amateurs Football Club would like to extend their sincerest thanks to Whitefriars Football Club, particularly their trainers, for their help averting a tragedy on Saturday. Your efforts were magnificent and won’t be forgotten. From all at Oakleigh, Thank you.

Final Scores:
1sts: OAFC 13.11.89 v Whitefriars 11.10.76
Goals: Aaron Cloke 5, Trevor Bromley 3, Chris Grant 2, Leroy Moeller 2, Tim Scott.
Best: Tim Michael, Aaron Cloke, Jim Hunt, Adam Matthiesson, Chris Mercuri, Kevin Holden.
2nds: Match Abandoned.
U19s: OAFC 12.8.80 v Hampton Rovers 7.6.48
Goals: Dylan Goodwill 4, Harry Boontjes 2, Hayden Everett, Mina Farid, Griffin McPhee, Corey Moore, Jett Murphy, Ryan Powell.
Best: Corey Moore, Hayden Everett, Mina Farid, Dylan Goodwill, Calvin Toohim, Ryan Powell.


Oakleigh Amateurs had the pleasure of hosting the USA Liberty womens team at the Krusherdome at Scammell Reserve on Wednesday night. USA Liberty were in town for the AFL International Cup and came with a squad of one mens team and two womens teams, quite a contingent for a trip down under, and, from all reports, have a had a fantastic time enjoying the local hospitality. The Krushers were more than happy to be a part of that and welcomed our new friends from the US with open arms. Hearing the Star Spangled Banner ring out across Scammell Reserve is not something that happens often.

The match itself was essentially a friendly practice match, on paper at least, but the Liberty are a competitive bunch and had come to play. The Oaks were, sadly, a little under-manned with 10 players missing from their regular line-up and hadn’t played for three weeks since their season finished. But they went out and had a go and although outgunned on the night still gave it their best. Both sides put on a pretty good display of footy although, at times, it was a bit hard to see what was happening due to the lighting at the ground being inadequate. Still, the players didn’t let that get in the way of a contest and went at it like it was a grand final. The umpires did a wonderful job as did the support crews for both teams and the volunteers who helped out on the night.

The BBQ was kept sizzling most of the night, the bar enjoyed a steady stream of customers and, after the game, Krushers merchandise flew off the shelves as the Americans grabbed souvenirs of their visit to Oakleigh. In the end a fun night was had by all concerned and the Liberty have promised to return during the next International Cup…And they’ll be warmly received when they do return.

Oakleigh 0-2-2 v USA Liberty 4-9-33


The old adage of “a week is a long time in football” was proven to be true at Scammell Reserve on Saturday as Oakleigh Amateurs, fresh from a big win over St. Johns last week, came up against ladder leaders St. Marys Salesian and got a bit of a reality check from the top side. To be fair, the Oaks were missing four of their best players, including three from their starting midfield, but SMS were slick and quick and made the most of any mistakes, which Oakleigh made a few of. A goalless first term wasn’t the best of starts for the Krushers and they trailed by 25 points at the first break. Three goals in the second term had the Oaks up and about but a couple of goals to the visitors made the difference 18 points at the long break.

Another goalless quarter in the third was disastrous for the Oaks as SMS piled on 7 unanswered goals to take a stranglehold of the contest. The Krushers threw everything into the last quarter and looked the better team but the task proved too great and they eventually succumbed by 40 points. Aaron Cloke led the Oaks goal kicking with 3 and Pat Ioannidis added 2. Luke Pappon, Andrew Murray and Chris Pearson were some of the Krushers best.

The injuries to the senior side proved disastrous for the reserves as they went into the early game with barely enough men and, despite giving their all, were simply no match for a vastly superior SMS. Anmol Malhtra, Ash Kitts and Brodie Weymouth battled hard for Oakleigh.

An injury depleted U/19s travelled to Melbourne High School and found the going a bit tough falling by 43 points. There were no match details for this game, unfortunately.

Final Scores:
1sts: OAFC 6.12.48 v SMS 12.16.88
Goals: Aaron Cloke 3, Pat Ioannidis 2, James Hunt
Best: Luke Pappon, Andrew Murray, Chris Pearson, Liam Gillard, Pat Ioannidis, James Hunt
2nds: OAFC 0.2.2 v SMS 28.21.189
Best: Anmol Malhotra, Ash Kitts, Brodie Weymouth, Rhys Hilderbrand-Wise, Matt Pearson, Wally Cosgrove
U19s: OAFC 6.7.42 v MHSOB 11.19.85
Goals: Not Available
Best: Not Available


Oakleigh Amateurs leapt into VAFA Division 1 four following the 100 point demolition of St. Johns Old Collegians at Scammell Reserve on Saturday. It did help that the previous tenants, Preston Bullants, were on the wrong end of a 70 point shellacking by top side St. Marys/Salesian but the Oaks are in the four and Preston isn’t and that’s what matters at this time. The trick, of course, is to stay there come finals time. On yet another windy Saturday and James Chapple playing game 200, the Oaks got away to a reasonable start with first use of the breeze booting 3-4 to the Jocs solitary goal and went to the first break with a 16 point lead. The Krushers went to work in the second term piling on 6 goals into the wind while keeping the Jocs to 2.

Half-time came and the Oaks had a commanding 41 point lead and had next use of the wind. The opportunity wasn’t wasted as the Oaks booted 7 goals straight to St. Johns 2 goals and went to the last change with a 71 point advantage effectively ending the contest. Oakleigh kept their momentum in the last adding another 6 goals as the visitors could manage only 1 against a miserly Oakleigh defence. The Oaks rounded the difference up to 100 points at the bell with Aaron Cloke leading the goalkicking with 9, Trevor Bromley added 5 and Tim Scott chipped in with 3. Chris Mercuri, Pat Ioannidis and Ben Hogan were in the Oaks best players.

The early game was a tight affair with the Krushers emerging victorious by 11 points after a bit of a drought.

The U/19s travelled to Brindisi St. reserve for a date with St. Bedes Mentone and with injuries taking a toll on numbers found themselves with 19 players and up against a side desperate to get in the four. The Krushers battled hard and went to the first break 2 points up but couldn’t breach the St.Bedes defence in the second term and slipped to 31 points in arrears at the long break. A rally in the third term saw the Oaks get within 2 goals at the last change but the Tigers had the wind and the momentum and ran over the top of the Krushers to win by 39 points.

There were no match details for this game at the time of writing. There were no match details for the reserves game either.

Final Scores:
Seniors: Oakleigh 22-9-141 def St. Johns OC 6-5-41.
Goals: A.Cloke 9, T.Bromley 5, T.Scott 3, G.Bennett, J.Hunt, J.Revere, J.Chapple, C.Grant 1.
Best: T.Scott, A.Cloke, C.Mercuri, P.Ioannidis, B.Hogan, G.Bennett.
Reserves: Oakleigh 10-8-68 def St. Johns OC 8-9-57
Goals: J. Abela 4, R. Gonzalez 3, S. Murray, D. Ruddy, A. Khodr 1.
Best: M. Bennett, J. Abela, B. Weymouth, K. Holden, A. Khodr, R. Gonzalez.

U/19s: Oakleigh 7-6-48 lt St. Bedes Mentone 12-15-87.
Goals: S. Carney 2, E. Standish, D. Goodwill, R. Powell, C. Galanos, T. Gillard 1.
Best: J. McCarthy, S. Carney, H. Boontjes, J. Pearce, J. Murphy, H. Everett.


Oakleigh Amateur bounced back onto the winners list with a hard fought win over Therry Penola at John Pascoe Faulkner Reserve in Oak Park on Saturday. Therry had first use of the wind in the blustery conditions and probably wasted it a bit with some inaccuracy in front of goal as the Krushers managed 4 goals into it and took a 3 point lead into the first break. The Lions bit back hard in the second term booting 6 goals to the Oaks 3 to go into half-time with a 13 point advantage and the wind in the third term.

It was Oakleigh who took the initiative after the break managing a 5 goal to 2 third quarter and taking back the ascendency at the last change by 12 points. The Krushers then dominated the final term booting 7 goals to Therry’s 2 to run away by 38 points. Trevor Bromley led the Oaks goalkicking with 4, Tim Scott added 3 and Gary Bennett, Aaron Cloke, Nick Seel and Josh Revere all chipped in with 2 each. Tom Nolan, Pat Ioannidis and Liam Gillard were among the Krushers best.

Having only 6 players proved to be the major difference between the teams in the early game as Oakleigh battled to make a game of it. A scoreless first quarter and a scoreless third quarter didn’t help the cause any as the Krushers, despite battling on gallantly, went down by 60 points. Mark Bennett, Andrew Weymouth, Josh Abela and Rod Gonzalez were in the Oaks best.

The early game at Scammell Reserve saw the U/19s play host to Old Paradians in a gusting, swirling wind that made good football almost impossible. The visitors took the early running and went to the first change with a slender 2 point lead. The Oaks then took advantage of the conditions booting 5 goals to 2 in the second term and went to the long break with a 22 point advantage. Oakleigh failed to trouble the scorers in the third term but kept the Parade to only 1 goal for the quarter and managed to hold on to a 14 point lead at the last break. The visitors threatened in the last quarter but the Krushers held on to post a 12 point victory. Dylan Goodwill led the Oaks goalkicking with 4, Ryan Powell added 2 and Justin McCarthy, Harry Boontjes and Calvin Toohim were among the best.

The women wound up their inaugural season playing host to St Bedes and, although full of hope and good intentions, found the going and the opposition a bit too tough, particularly into the wind. The girls battled hard but St Bedes proved too good on the day and the Krushers succumbed by 46 points. Crystal Van and Steph Wood kicked the goals and Madelaine Bregazzi, Casey Morris and Kara White were in the best.

Final Scores:

1sts: OAFC 19.14.128 v Therry Penola 13.12.90
Goals: Trevor Bromley 4, Tim Scott 3, Gary Bennett 2, Aaron Cloke 2, Josh Revere 2, Nick Seel 2, Liam Gillard, James Hunt, Pat Ioannidis, Chris Grant
Best: Tim Scott, Gary Bennett, Tom Nolan, Pat Ioannidis, Nick Seel, Liam Gillard

2nds: OAFC 4.3.27 v Therry Penola 12.15.87
Goals: Josh Abela, Rod Gonzalez, Anthony Ashworth, Evan Lukas
Best: Mark Bennett, Andrew Weymouth, Josh Abela, Rod Gonzalez, Rhys Hildebrand-Wise, Matt Pearson

U19s: OAFC 8.12.60 v Old Paradians 7.6.48
Goals: Dylan Goodwill 4, Ryan Powell 2, Tom Gillard, Corey Moore
Best: Justin McCarthy, Harry Boontjes, Dylan Goodwill, Calvin Toohim, Shaun Vapp, Martin James

Womens: OAFC 2.4.16 v SBMT/St Peters 8.14.62
Goals: Crystal Van, Stephanie Wood
Best: Madeline Bregazzi, Stephanie Wood, Casey Morris, Kara White, Jasmine Ballastrine, Crystal Van


Saturday proved to be a disappointing day for Oakleigh Amateurs with the seniors coughing up a chance to make the four as did the women’s team, the reserves were undermanned and outgunned, the U/19s, however, were the one shining light.

The seniors played host to Ormond at Scammell Reserve and, after last week’s heroics against PEGS still fresh in the minds of the faithful, it was hoped there would be more of the same against Ormond but with a howling gale blowing down the ground the conditions weren’t ideal. Ormond had first use of the wind and couldn’t really capitalise booting the only 2 goals of the quarter and taking a 13 point lead into the first break. The Oaks hit back when their turn came but inaccuracy proved curse and a 4-5 return gave them a 9 point lead the long break.

The Monders made better use of their second time with the wind kicking 5 goals to the Krushers 1 and going into the last change with a 17 point break. With the wind at their backs, the Oaks had every chance of running down the difference but again they couldn’t handle the wind in front of goal booting 2-5 to the visitors 2-2 and failing by 14 points. Aaron Cloke led the goal kicking for Oakleigh with 2, Tom Nolan, Tim Michael and Jon Rutter were in the best for the Oaks.

The early game was a one-sided affair as top side Ormond had too much firepower for a hapless Oakleigh who were left with no interchange. The Krushers tried hard but were simply outclassed losing by 114 points. Andrew Weymouth, Chris Grant and Brodie Weymouth were in the best for Oakleigh.

The women travelled over to Bulleen for a shot at Old Carey and a chance to make the four also, however a goalless first half against a sharp outfit like Old Carey didn’t help their cause at all. A much better second half saw the Oaks outscore the hosts but trying to haul in a 40 point deficit in half a game is a tough ask. To their credit, the girls had a go and eventually succumbed by 29 points. Jordyn Bethune and Casey Morris led the Oaks goal kicking with 2 each with Jade Farrugia, Elizabeth Yore and Adrienne Ringin among the best.

The U/19s travelled to Jordan Reserve to take on highly rated De La Salle. A good, if somewhat inaccurate (3-7), first term had the Krushers up by 18 points at the first change but a 5 goals to 3 second term had the hosts only 7 points adrift at the long break. The third quarter saw the Oaks pile on 5 goals to 1 to take a 30 point lead into the last quarter. The Krushers had to stand tall in the final term as De La Salle threw everything at them with the wind but came up 6 points short at the bell. Sam Carney and Dylan Goodwill kicked 3 goals each for Oakleigh with Izaiah Elisaia adding 2. Mina Farid, Harry Bootjes and Jacob Pearce were in the best players for the Oaks.

Final Scores:

1sts: OAFC 7.15.57 v Ormond 10.11.71
Goals: Aaron Cloke 2, Gary Bennett, Trevor Bromley, James Hunt, Leroy Moeller, Tim Scott
Best: Tom Nolan, Tim Michael, Jon Rutter, Gary Bennett, Ben Hogan, James Hunt

2nds: OAFC 4.7.31 v Ormond 22.13.145
Goals: Zac Barrett, Josh Abela, Rod Gonzalez, Scott Murray
Best: Andrew Weymouth, Chris Grant, Brodie Weymouth, Dylan Ruddy, Mark Bennett, Josh Abela

U19s: OAFC 11.10.76 v De La Salle 11.4.70
Goals: Sam Carney 3, Dylan Goodwill 3, Izaiah Elisaia 2, Mina Farid, Corey Moore, Griffin McPhee
Best: Sam Carney, Mina Farid, Harry Boontjes, Jacob Pearce, Tom Gillard, Dylan Goodwill

Womens: OAFC 5.5.35 v Old Carey 9.10.64
Goals: Jordyn Bethune 2, Casey Morris 2, Stephanie Wood
Best: Jade Farrugia, Casey Morris, Jordyn Bethune, Elizabeth Yore, Adrienne Ringin, Stephanie Wood


On Saturday at Scammell Reserve, Oakleigh Amateurs paid tribute to one of their favourite sons, club legend, champion and all round nice bloke, Trevor Bromley on the occasion of his 300th game. They also played host to top side PEGS. Up to round 12 and every game important in regard to a finals berth, the Oaks needed to get the points in this one and what better incentive could you have than a respected teammates 300th. After the pre-match tributes were done and the banner broken it was down to business and it didn’t take long before Bromley got involved booting the opening goal which brought roars from the growing band of Krusher faithful. PEGS answered quickly but the Oaks retaliated with two quick goals and were looking dangerous before two late goals majors to the visitors levelled the scores. A goal before the bell, though, gave Oakleigh a 7 point lead at the first change. After the break Oakleigh went on a rampage booting 6 unanswered goals including a candidate for goal of the year from Bromley with a snap from an impossible angle on the run. A similar shot form the other side of the goal square by Tim Scott also featured in the highlights reel as the Krushers took control. A couple of late goals to PEGS added a bit of respectability to their total but the Oaks went to the long break with a 46 point lead.

PEGS came to Oakleigh as ladder leaders and teams don’t get to be on top of the ladder by pure chance it’s usually because they’re a very good team. Such is the case with the Bombers. After half-time the visitors hit back with a vengeance booting 9 goals for the third term and narrowing the gap to 5 points before the Krushers rallied, going into the last change with an 11 point advantage. The scene was set for a massive final quarter and the crowd was not disappointed as both sides threw themselves into the contest. Oakleigh managed to kick away but pulled back as the Bombers closed the gap to 4 points midway through the term. The Oakleigh backline found themselves under enormous pressure but stood tall to hold the visitors at bay as the team continually pushed forward in search of a score. A late goal brought cheers but the siren brought a deafening roar as the Krushers prevailed by 10 points and gave Trevor Bromley a milestone game to remember. It was quite a sight as family, friends, supporters, Oakleigh and PEGS players and coaches formed a guard of honour to applaud the champion from the ground. The Oakleigh goalkicking was led by Aaron Cloke with 8 in a best-on-ground performance with Bromley adding 6 and Tim Scott chipping in with 2. Apart from Cloke and Bromley, Ben Hogan, Corey Moore, Tim Michael and Luke Pappon were in Oakleigh’s best.

The early game was a one-sided affair, unfortunately, with a struggling Oakleigh proving no match for a slick and ruthless PEGS outfit. The Krushers battled gamely but had no answers as the visitors took control early didn’t let up winning by 128 points. Scott Murray, Dylan Ruddy and James Chapple battled hard for Oakleigh.

The U/19s went to Aquinas College for a danger game as Aquinas are always a problem on their home turf. After a bright start, with Oakleigh booting 3-1 to one behind in the opening term, the Oaks were held goal-less in the second quarter and went to the long break with a 7 point lead. An improved third term gave the Oaks a bit of breathing space at the last change with a 14 point lead but the Krushers had to withstand a hard finishing Aquinas and held on to win by a point. Chris Galanos and Ryan Powell kicked 2 goals each for Oakleigh with Justin McCarthy, Mina Farid and Jacob Pearce among the best. The Krushers women were given a forfeit by Yarra Old Grammarians and had an intra-club practice match at Scammell in which Cass Bethune was adjudged best afield.

Final Scores:

Seniors: OAFC 18.7.115 V PEGS 16.9.105
Goals: Aaron Cloke 8, Trevor Bromley 6, Tim Scott 2, James Hunt, Corey Moore
Best: Aaron Cloke, Trevor Bromley, Ben Hogan, Corey Moore, Tim Michael, Luke Pappon

Reserves: OAFC 0.3.3 V PEGS 19.17.131
Best: Scott Murray, Dylan Ruddy, James Chapple, Mark Bennett, Chris Grant, Zac Kennedy

U19s: OAFC 7.11.53 V Aquinas OC 7.10.52
Goals: Chris Galanos  2, Ryan Powell 2, Izaiah Elisaia, Dylan Goodwill, Pat Kennedy
Best: Justin McCarthy, Mina Farid, Chris Galanos, Ryan Powell, Jacob Pearce, Callum Gillard

 Womens: OAFC defeated Yarra Old Grammarians by forfeit

Krusher in the Big V

Steph Wood

One of Oakleigh’s best women footballers Steph Wood played a superb game for the big V today and was very solid as a back pocket. Amazing stoppages and clearances under pressure. Steph was only rested for a few minutes the whole game where the coach described her performance as “marvellous”. Lots of mentions from the commentators and an overall amazing effort which all Krusher fans should be proud of as she was chosen from the 120 selected women. Congratulations to Steph, so glad you’re a Krusher girl.


Saturday produced a bit of a mixed bag of results for Oakleigh Amateurs with the seniors getting back onto the winners list at the expense of Brunswick/NOBSPC at Alec Gillon Oval and the U/19s fixing up top side Old Camberwell at Scammell Reserve. The down side was the Krushers women unable to match it with Collegians at Scammell Reserve and a severely depleted reserves being thumped by Brunswick.

The seniors, sitting fifth and a game out of the four, need to win every game from hereon in to make the finals and they can’t afford to take any team lightly particularly those in the bottom five but with an ever increasing injury list the task gets harder. Slow starts have been a bane to the Oaks of late but on Saturday a marked improvement in that area saw the Krushers go to the first change with a 9 point lead. A low scoring second term realised only 2 goals, one to each side, with Oakleigh’s 5 behinds the main reason the difference between the two teams wasn’t more than 10 points at the long break.

An improved third quarter had the Oaks return 3-5 to the NOBs 3 behinds to go to the last change 5 goals up. They carried this momentum into the last quarter booting 5-7 to 2-2 and ran out comfortable victors by 53 points. Tim Scott led the Oaks goal kicking with 4 with Gary Bennett and Aaron Cloke adding 3 each. The best for Oakleigh included Nick Seel, Trevor Bromley and Jett Murphy.

The early game was a forgettable one for Oakleigh as they struggled to get enough players to field a side due to injury and possible indifference. The Oaks were never in the hunt and got thrashed by 119 points. The players who did have a go deserve praise for at least trying to make a game of it.

At Scammell Reserve the U/19s opened proceedings playing Old Camberwell and took the ladder leaders to task keeping them to a solitary point in the opening term and went to the first break 23 points up. Both teams broke even in the second with the same margin separating the sides at half-time but it was a 5 goal third term to the Oaks that broke the game open and they went to the last break with a 46 point advantage and were motoring increasing the lead to 12 goals midway through the quarter before relaxing and letting the visitors cut the final margin back to 52 points. Chris Galanos topped the Oaks goal kicking with 5, Izaiah Elisaia and Corey Moore added 3 each. Harry Bootjies, Callum Gillard and Justin McCarthy were some of Oakleigh’s best.

The women’s team, who had been travelling quite well of late, came back to earth with a bit of a thud after second top side Collegians outgunned them at Scammell Reserve. After conceding 4-4 in the first term, the Oaks managed to restrict the visitors to a goal in the second but, despite repeated forays into the forward 50, they couldn’t break their scoreboard drought. Although unable to trouble the scoreboard, the Krushers continued to keep pace with Collegians throughout the third term and finally broke the visitors defence with a goal in the last quarter to Jasmine Ballestrin. The Oaks battled hard but weren’t quite good enough on the day as Collegians showed why they’re in the top 2 teams. Ella Madigan, Madeline Bregazzi and Jordyn Bethune were in the Oaks best.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 13.18.96 def Brunswick/NOBS 5.13.43
Goals: Tim Scott 4, Gary Bennett 3, Aaron Cloke 3, Trevor Bromley, Jaryd Wines
Best: Nick Seel, Trevor Bromley, Tim Scott, Jett Murphy, Pat Ioannidis, Gary Bennett

Reserves: Oakleigh 1.3.9 lt Brunswick/NOBS 18.20.128
Goals: Michael Short
Best: Joed Cook, Rhys Hildebrand-Wise, Matt Pearson, Mark Bennett, Rod Gonzalez, Josh Abela

U19s: Oakleigh 15.14.104 def Old Camberwell 8.4.52
Goals: Chris Galanos 5, Izaiah Elisaia 3, Corey Moore 3, Calvin Toohim 3, Ed Standish
Best: Harry Boontjes, Chris Galanos, Callum Gillard, Corey Moore, Justin McCarthy, Calvin Toohim

Womens: Oakleigh 1.0.6 lt Collegians 7.13.55
Goals: Jasmine Ballestrin
Best: Ella Madigan, Madeline Bregazzi, Jasmine Ballestrin, Jordyn Bethune, Cassie Bethune, Jade Farrugia


Oakleigh Amateurs womens team showed the men how it’s done on Saturday with a strong win over third placed UHS/VU at Scammell Reserve in their seventh round Division 2 clash. In cool but not unpleasant conditions, the Oaks began well with 2 goals in the opening term although the visitors may well have fared better had they kicked straight going to the first change with 5 behinds on the board and trailing by 7 points. Oakleigh burst from the gates in the second term with three quick goals rocking UHS before they could blink. UHS rallied and kicked 2 goals to bring the deficit back to 13 points at the long break.

The Krushers, who lost their coach before the first bounce to a finger injury sustained during the warm-up and effectively coached themselves during the first half, were on a roll and piled on 4 goals during a huge third term and went to the last change with a  commanding 31 point lead. The Oaks went off the boil a bit in the last failing to kick a goal but did enough to keep UHS to 2 goals and the Krushers finished 20 points up at the bell. Casey Morris was dominant in front of goal for Oakleigh with 4, Stephanie Wood added 3 with Madelaine Bregazzi, Ella Madigan and Jade Farrugia among the best.

The men travelled to W.R.Ruthven Reserve to do battle with Preston and they were probably lucky the Bullants couldn’t kick straight in the first term as the game may well have been over at the first break instead of there being a 13 point difference in favour of the home side. Preston 3-7 to Oakleigh 2-0. The second term was pretty even with both sides posting 5 goals, the Oaks added 5 behinds to 3 to narrow the gap to 11 points at the long break.

Preston 8-10 Oakleigh 7-5. The third quarter proved to be Oakleighs undoing with the Bullants swarming over the Oakleigh defence to add 6-7 for the term, the Krushers could only manage 2-5 and went to the last change 37 points down. Preston 14-17 Oakleigh 9-10. A final quarter fightback by the Oaks fell short of what was hoped and Preston proved too strong on the day winning by 24 points. Aaron Cloke led the Oaks goalkicking with 5, Trevor Bromley added 3 to take his club tally to 700, and Jon Rutter along with Tim Scott added 2 each. Gary Bennett, Liam Gillard and Pat Ioannidis were among the best.

In the early game, the Oaks got jumped and were under the pump from the outset trailing by 22 points at the first break. The second term was much the same as Preston peppered the goals with inaccuracy being the only thing keeping the Oaks in it. At the long break, the Bullants had opened up a 39 point lead and things looked grim for the Krushers, however, a third quarter fightback saw the Oaks keep the Bullants goalless as they clawed their way back to within 16 points at the last break. They couldn’t maintain the momentum in the last and Preston regained their composure to run out 36 point winners. Joshe Abela booted 3 goals for Oakleigh with Dan Costigan adding 2. Dylan Ruddy, Scott Murray and Zac Thiessens were among the best.

The U/19s didn’t play after receiving a forfeit from Fitzroy.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 14.14.98 lt Preston 17.20.122
Goals: Aaron Cloke 5, Trevor Bromley 3, Jon Rutter 2, Tim Scott 2, Hayden Everett, Chris Pearson
Best: Trevor Bromley, Gary Bennett, Liam Gillard, Pat Ioannidis, Luke Pappon, Andrew Murray

Reserves: Oakleigh 8.9.57 lt Preston 13.15.93
Goals: Josh Abela 3, Dan Costigan 2, Chris Grant, Ryan Powell, Zac Thiessens
Best: Dylan Ruddy, Scott Murray, Zac Thiessens, Chris Grant, Joed Cook, Mark Bennett

Womens: Oakleigh 9.7.61 def UHS-VU 5.11.41
Goals: Casey Morris 4, Stephanie Wood 3, Madeline Bregazzi, Ella Madigan
Best: Casey Morris, Madeline Bregazzi, Ella Madigan, Jade Farrugia, Stephanie Wood, Jordyn Bethune

 U19s: Defeated Fitzroy on forfeit