PRESENTATION DINNER – Friday 3rd October


Dermot Cleary


Zac Theissens


Michael Tate

 Congratulations to all award winners on Presentation Night. Dermot Cleary won the seniors on 134 votes with Gary Bennett being runners up on 118 and Aaron Cloke finished third on 116. In the Reserves voting Zac Thiessens finished first on 89, followed by Adam Mathiesson on 78 and tied for third was Will Manning and Matt Wass on 64. The Under 19’s winner was won by last year’s winner Michael Tate on 119 followed by Jake Benoiton on 94 and Sam Ciavarella on 88. Othe notable awards were Krusher Kronicle Medal won by Stuart Wines on 33 votes, Best Club Person won by Pat Heverin, while Bruce Garner received a life achievement award for 30 years at the football club.

Awards 2014



Oakleigh’s young Krushers crashed out of the U/19s South finals series after having their colours emphatically lowered for the second week in a row. Taking on Hampton Rovers at Meade Reserve in Clayton, the Oaks started well enough although a bit of inaccuracy saw them trail by 3 points at the first change. Changing up a gear in the second term, the Krushers got some run going and slammed on three goals to open up a 14 point lead when the Rovers hit back keeping all the play in their own forward half with only their inability to kick goals keeping Oakleigh 8 points up at the long break.

After half-time Hampton took over, piling on the pressure and the goals as Oakleigh’s game collapsed and they were kept goal-less for the second half while the Rovers added 10 to run away with a 61 point victory and a date with Ormond in the grand final. Jake Benoiton kicked Oakleigh’s 4 goals and Joed Cook playing his 50th game, Jake Lever and Alex Seremelis tried hard for Oakleigh.

Final Scores:

Oakleigh 4.8.32 lt Hampton Rovers 13.15.93

Goals: Jake Benoiton 4.
Best: Joed Cook, Jake Lever, Alex Seremelis. Sam Ciavarella, Luke Pappon, Jake Benoiton


Oakleigh’s U/19s began their finals campaign against Ormond on Saturday at EE Gunn Reserve and gained an insight into why Ormond are flag favourites. The young Krushers were found wanting against a faster and stronger Ormond outfit. The Oaks seemed overawed by the both the occasion and the opposition and couldn’t get their game going, fumbling and making basic errors as the Monds just swept them aside, losing two players to knee injuries before half-time didn’t help the cause either. The Ormond forward line were simply too big for the Oakleigh defence and brushed the Krushers aside as they piled on 7 unanswered goals in the second term to effectively book a spot in the grand final.

Oakleigh battled hard but conceding another 5 goals in the third term made an already unlikely recovery even more difficult. Despite a spirited last term, the Oaks were soundly thrashed by 74 points. Jake Benoiton booted 3 goals for Oakleigh with Luke Pappon, Brodie Weymouth and Ryan Henderson all hard workers. Oakleigh now meet Hampton Rovers in the cut-throat preliminary final next week.

Comic relief for the day was supplied by one of the field umpires after the long break. Anyone who has ever thought that umpires had no control over a game would have loved to seen an umpire trying to bring a halt to proceedings without a whistle. After finally stopping play and then calling on his umpiring partner to blow time-on, he dashed from the field to find his whistle much to the amusement of the large crowd. The sight of the umpire’s advisor with face buried in hands was priceless.

Final Scores:

 Oakleigh 5.5.35 lt Ormond 16.13.109

Goals: Jake Benoiton 3, Anmol Malhotra, Tom Perrett
Best: Luke Pappon, Brodie Weymouth, Jake Benoiton, Ryan Henderson, Jake Lever, Tom Nolan


Oakleigh wound up their 2014 campaign on Saturday hosting premiership aspirants Monash Blues at Scammell Reserve. Hopeful of finishing the season on a high note, the Krushers went on the attack early but the goal-kicking woes that have dogged the team nearly all year also surfaced early with the Oaks going to the first change with 1-8 on the board and 7 points in arrears. With the breeze favouring the golf course end, the Krushers continued to attack and began find the target but after hitting the lead they began to spray their shots again and after 4-8 took an 11 point(instead of a 10 goal) lead into the long break.

The Blues came out after half-time full of run and ripped the advantage back from a bewildered Oakleigh slamming on 8 goals to the Krushers 1 and went into the final quarter with a 32 point lead. But Oakleigh, with last use of the breeze, hit back but couldn’t hit the target and wasted their chance of causing the upset with another wayward display in front of goal. Despite having most of the play and scoring opportunities, the Oaks booted 3-8 in the last to the Blues 2-4 and lost by 22 points finishing the season in sixth position. Aaron Cloke booted 5 goals for Oakleigh with Andrew Mase, Liam Gillard and Gary Bennett among the best players.

In the early game, a brave but undermanned Oakleigh took it up to their more fancied opponents but, with only one player on the bench, couldn’t maintain the necessary pressure and fell short by 11 points after a spirited last quarter effort. Tom Golik booted 3 goals with Adam Mathiesson adding 2. James Farandha, Corey Moore and Simon Way, in his 200th game, were in Oakleigh’s best.

Down at Boss James Reserve, the U/19s took on Hampton Rovers and after a bright start where they kept heir hosts to one goal for the first half went off the boil in the second half adding only 2 goals to the Rovers 5 to lose by 6 points in a disappointing finish and a dull day for Oakleigh. Jake Benoiton booted 4 goals for Oakleigh with Luke Pappon, Michael Tate and Nick DiCioccio were in Oakleigh’s best. Having finished second, the young Krushers now take on Ormond in the second semi final on Saturday for the right to go through to the grand final.

The Oakleigh Amateur Football Club presentation night will be held on October 3rd at Merrimu Receptions in Chadstone.

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Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 9.27.81 lt Monash 15.13.103

Goals: Aaron Cloke 5, Austin Deneys, Josh Paola, Tim Scott, Steve Tolongs
Best: Andrew Mase, Liam Gillard, Aaron Cloke, Gary Bennett, Liam Hard, Dermot Cleary

Reserves: Oakleigh 7.7.49 lt Monash 9.6.60

Goals: Tommy Golik 3, Adam Mathiesson 2, Chris Lavery, Nathan Miller
Best: James Farandha, Corey Moore, Simon Way, Aaron Binns, Tommy Golik, James Connellan

U/19s: Oakleigh 6.5.41 lt Hampton Rovers 6.11.47

Goals: Jake Benoiton 4, Nick Di Cioccio, Michael Tate
Best: Luke Pappon, Michael Tate, Nick Di Cioccio, Jake Benoiton, Sahil Bhanwal, Tim Michael


Stuart Wines – 50 Games

Oakleigh surrendered any hopes of a finals berth with a disappointing effort against arch rivals Hampton Rovers in a tough contest at Boss James Reserve on Saturday. Poor kicking for goal has dogged the Krushers all season and this game was no exception with Oakleigh starting well with the first two goals of the game and Stuart Wines playing his 50th game but they failed to press home the advantage with inaccuracy taking a slender 2 point lead into the first break. The second quarter was Hamptons booting 4-3 as the Oaks squandered opportunities for a 1-4 return and a 15 point deficit at the long break.

Oakleigh rallied in the third but hopes of a Krusher resurgence were dashed when a lapse late in the quarter allowed the Rovers to open up a 21 point lead by three quarter time. The Oaks continued to battle hard in the last but the pressure and the effort took it’s toll and Hampton skipped away to a 40 point victory. Aaron Cloke worked hard all game and booted 5 goals for Oakleigh with Tim Scott and Steve Tolongs adding 2 each. Aisea Valentini and Chris Hogan were in the Krushers best.

A goalless first term in the early game pretty much set the tone for what was a disappointing day for Oakleigh as the reserves could manage only one goal for the first half as Hampton opened up a 33 point lead by half-time. Also plagued with inaccuracy, the Krushers worked hard but couldn’t repair the damage done and fell by 37 points. Chris Lavery booted 2 goals for Oakleigh with Aaron Binns, Josh Revere and Baden Wass among the best.

The U/19s once again proved to be the only shining light for the day with a thumping 76 point win over Peninsula at Scammell Reserve. After a relatively quiet opening term booting 2-5, a 6 goal second quarter put the young Krushers in charge and a 7 goal third term put the game to bed as Oakleigh ran rings around the Pirates whose poor kicking for goal cost them dearly. The goalkicking honours were shared around by Oakleigh with Anmol Malhotra and James Grigoriou booting 3 each and Jake Benoiton, Joed Cook, Jack Davidson and Michael Tate adding 2 each. Luke Pappon, Tom Nolan and Clinton Pinney were in the Oaks best.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 11.12.78 lt Hampton Rovers 18.10.118

Goals: Aaron Cloke 5, Tim Scott 2, Steve Tolongs 2, Liam Hard, Stuart Wines
Best: Aisea Valentini, Chris Hogan, Aaron Cloke, Luke Andreatta, Andrew Murray, Gary Bennett

Reserves: Oakleigh 4.14.38 lt Hampton Rovers 10.15.75

Goals: Chris Lavery 2, Manny Catalla, Adam Matthieson
Best: Aaron Binns, Josh Revere, Baden Wass, Manny Catalla, Dan Mercuri, Adam Abel

U/19s: Oakleigh 19.10.124 def Peninsula 7.16.58

Goals: Anmol Malhotra, James Grigoriou 3, Jake Benoiton 2, Joed Cook 2, Jack Davidson 2, Michael Tate 2, Sam Ciavarella, Jake Lever, Ankush Malhotra, Tim Michael, Luke Pappon
Best: Luke Pappon, Tom Nolan, Clinton Pinney, Brodie Weymouth, Nic Di Cioccio, Jack Davidson


Oakleigh played host to bottom side Banyule at Scammell Reserve on Saturday in what was a must-win match to keep their slender finals hopes alive. Despite being last on the table, Banyule have a reputation of being a dangerous side and easy to under estimate as a couple of the top sides have found out this season and Oakleigh had to be on guard against complacency. The Krushers started well enough with first use of a string wind but the waywardness in front of goal hit early and at quarter time the Oaks had 5-7 on the board to the Bears one goal. The second term started well for Oakleigh with three goals to Banyule’s one when the Krushers seemed to stop and watch the Bears slam on 6 unanswered goals to trail by 6 points at the main break.

After a less-than-impressed coach had explained the finer points of successful football to his charges, the Oaks came out and began to play accordingly, although inaccurately, and booted 5-9 to 1-3 to open up a 6 goal advantage at the last change. Oakleigh then took charge of the final quarter taking advantage of a tiring Banyule to run away with a 65 point victory. Aaron Cloke and Josh Paola kicked 4 goals each for Oakleigh with Steve Tolongs adding 3, Stuart Wines, Austin Deneys and Dermot Cleary were among the Krushers best.

Due to Banyule forfeiting their reserves what was to be a triple header became two games with a 2.5 hour break in between which made for a peculiar sort of day with the U/19s starting at 9.20 am against MHSOB. A 16 goal to one first half by Oakleigh, which included a 10 goal second quarter, pretty much put paid to any hope Melbourne had of causing an upset although they did match the young Krushers in the second half with 8 goals. It was a eventually an 79 point canter for Oakleigh with Jake Benoiton again leading the goal-kicking with 5, Nick Di Cioccio and Alex Seremelis added 4 each. Michael Tate, Luke Pappon and Chris Pearson were among Oakleigh’s best.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 19.30.144 def Banyule 12.7.79

Goals: Aaron Cloke 4, Josh Paola 4, Steve Tolongs 3, Austin Deneys 2, Liam Hard 2, Tim Scott 2, Gary Bennett, Shaun Taylor.
Best: Stuart Wines, Austin Deneys, Dermot Cleary, Gary Bennett, Josh Paola, Liam Hard.

Reserves: Won by forfeit.

U/19s: Oakleigh 22.9.141 def MHSOB 9.8.62

Goals: Jake Benoiton 5, Nick Di Cioccio 4, Alex Seremalis 4, James Grigoriou 3, Chris Pearson 2, Sahil Bhanwal, Joed Cook, Luke Pappon, Michael Tate.
Best: Nick Di Cioccio, Alex Seremalis, Michael Tate, Luke Pappon, Chris Pearson, Jake Benoiton.


Chris Hogan

Chris Hogan

Oakleigh slipped to their second loss in as many weeks on Saturday when they played host to ladder leaders Marcellin at Scammell Reserve. They also slipped to seventh on the ladder and almost out of contention for a finals berth, however they are still only a game from fourth and have a better percentage but with only three games to go they’re under pressure to win them all. The Krushers looked good in a reasonably even first term until a bit of a concentration lapse gave the Eagles a 15 point advantage at the first break. The second quarter proved to be the Krushers downfall as Marcellin got their run going and booted 5 goals to Oakleigh’s 2 going to the half-time interval 29 points up and looking very dangerous.

Oakleigh lifted in the second half but their recent goal-kicking woes came back to haunt them and though they attacked relentlessly they couldn’t convert enough to haul in the Eagles. Going into the final term 22 points down, the Krushers again dominated the attack with Austin Deneys booting 4 goals for the quarter but, sadly, everyone else missed and Marcellin held on to win by 11 points in what was a frustrating but entertaining game. Josh Paola added 3 goals with Steve Tolongs kicking 2 and Chris Hogan in his 100th Senior game, Andrew Murray and Aisea Valentini were in Oakleigh’s best.

The reserves fared better than last week but still struggled to keep pace with the Eagles for three quarters going into the last 5 goals adrift. The Krushers lifted but their accuracy in front of goal deserted them booting 1-6 for the term effectively blowing their chance of unlikely win with Marcellin running out 26 point victors. Matt Aranha played his 50th game, Dan Costigan led Oakleigh’s goal-kicking with 3, Chris Mercuri, Ben Hogan and Shaun Taylor were some of Oakleigh’s best.

The U/19s were guests of Beaumaris at Le Page Park and started strongly booting 5 goals to 1 in the first term. The Sharks lifted in the second quarter with 4 goals to the Krushers 3 but could add only one more goal for the game as the Oaks took complete control to run away with an 80 point win. Jake Benoiton’s goal-kicking form continued with 7 with Nick DiCioccio adding 3 and Sahil Bhanwal and Jake Lever kicking 2 each. Michael Tate, Luke Pappon and Joed Cook were also in the best players.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 11.19.85 lt Marcellin 14.12.96

Goals: Austin Deneys 4, Josh Paola 3, Steve Tolongs 2, Liam Hard, Tim Scott
Best: Austin Deneys, Chris Hogan, Andrew Murray, Josh Paola, Aisea Valentini, Dermot Cleary

 Reserves: Oakleigh 10.12.72 lt Marcellin 15.8.98

Goals: Dan Costigan 3, Leroy Moeller 2, Rod Gonzalez, Nathan Miller, Emmanuel Catalla, Jake Paola, Simon Way
Best: Chris Mercuri, Ben Hogan, Dan Costigan, Shaun Taylor, Rod Gonzalez, Adam Matthieson

 U/19s: Oakleigh 19.11.125 def Beaumaris 6.9.45

Goals: Jake Benoiton 7, Nick Di Cioccio 3, Sahil Bhanwal 2, Jake Lever 2, Joed Cook, James Grigoriou, Ankush Malhotra, Anmol Malhotra, Luke Pappon
Best: Jake Benoiton, Sahil Bhanwal, Nick Di Cioccio, Michael Tate, Luke Pappon, Joed Cook


Will Manning

Will Manning – 50 Senior Games

Oakleigh had a great chance to grab fourth spot on the VAFA Premier C division ladder on Saturday. All it took was an away win against Parkdale at the Gerry Green fortress. Many have tried before and few have come away with the 4 points. It’s a tough assignment and you need to be on your best game when you set foot on that oval. With Will Manning playing his 50th Senior game, Oakleigh appeared to have done just that when they took the early initiative and assaulted the goals, unfortunately with little accuracy, but still built a handy little lead until midway through the second term when things began to go awry. The Vultures began to withstand the fierce tackling and pressure that had served Oakleigh so well in the first quarter and a half and also began to find space and the goals to drag themselves back into the game and then into the lead taking a 5 point advantage into the half-time interval.

After the break the wind picked up, the rain came down and the game became a struggle with Parkdale faring the better going into the final change with a 10 point lead. The Krushers hit back in the last quarter and narrowed the difference to 3 points and threw everything at the Parkdale defence but failed to get an avenue through and eventually it was the Vultures who broke through with 3 goals to finish the game off. The Krushers goal-kicking was shared between 8 players but Gary Bennett, Pat Iaonnidis and Stuart Wines were among Oakleigh’s best.

In the early game, an undermanned and outgunned Oakleigh reserves had a match to forget as they ended up on the wrong end of a 20 goal shellacking at the hands of a much sharper and quicker opponent in second placed Parkdale. Rob Mether kicked Oakleigh’s only goal with Dan Mercuri, James Faranda and Chris Mercuri among those who tried their best.

On a brighter note, the U/19s had success against Old Haileybury, coming home with an 81 point victory. Jake Benoiton continued his remarkable efforts in front of goal adding 8 to last weeks 10, James Grigoriou chipped in with 5 goals for the game and Tom Nolan, Luke Pappon and Sam Ciavarella were in Oakleigh’s best players.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 8.13.61 lt Parkdale 12.9.81

Goals: Gary Bennett, Dermot Cleary, Liam Hard, Will Manning, Josh Paola, Tim Scott, Michael Tate, Steve Tolongs

Best: Gary Bennett, Pat Ioannidis, Stuart Wines, Keith Paisley, Aisea Valentini, Dermot Cleary

Reserves: Oakleigh 1.7.13 lt Parkdale 19.13.127

Goal: Rob Mether

Best: Dan Mercuri, James Faranda, Chris Mercuri, Simon Way, Tommy Golik, Manny Catalla

U/19s: Oakleigh 16.11.107 def Old Haileybury 4.2.26

Goals: Jake Benoiton 8, James Grigoriou 5, Jake Lever, Luke Pappon, Chris Pearson

Best: Tom Nolan, Luke Pappon, Jake Benoiton, Sam Ciavarella, James Grigoriou, Brodie Weymouth




Oakleigh have continued their good form with another successful triple header at Scammell Reserve on Saturday.

The U/19s kicked off the day with a local derby against Monash Blues and after leading by 11 points at the first change upped their work rate to go to the half-time interval with a 23 point advantage. After copping a spray from an unimpressed coach during the break, the young Krushers came out firing and proceeded to blow the Blues off the park slamming on 15-10 to Monash’s 3-1 in the second half to storm to 104 point victory. Jake Benoiton did considerable damage for Oakleigh booting 10 goals with James Grigoriou, Jake Lever and Anmol Malhotra chipping in with 2 goals each. Sahil Bhanwal, Sam Ciavarella and Chris Pearson were in the Krushers best.

Next up were the Reserves with Oakleigh taking on Old Camberwell. The visitors jumped early and had the Oaks in a spot of bother with 4 goals to one in the first term and a 20 point break at quarter time. However, the Krushers got going in the second with a 6 goal quarter to take a 5 point lead into the long break and continued to press hard in the third. Old Camberwell were doing themselves no favours in front of goal while the Oaks kept finding the target. Another 4 goals in the last quarter to the visitors 2 behinds saw Oakleigh victorious by 29 points. Dan Costigan kicked 4 goals for Oakleigh with Jack Hind adding 3, Michael Klonaridis, Dan Mercuri and Tom Golik were in the best for the Krushers.

The main event was played before a good crowd of past players and supporters celebrating the reunion of the 1984, 1994 and 2004 premiership sides and they were treated to a classy game of football and Josh Paola playing his 50th game. It was the Krushers who hit the ground running in this match with a 7 goal to 2 first term which set the pattern for the game. A 29 point lead at quarter-time became a 38 point lead at the main break as the Krusher defence stood firm and Aaron Cloke and Steve Tolongs up forward led Old Camberwell a merry dance. This continued for th third term and 52 points separated the two teams at the last change then Oakleigh seemed to nap as Old Camberwell launched a last ditch effort with 4-5 to Oakleighs 1-2 but their inaccuracy didn’t help their cause and although it was a gallant effort, the margin was too great and Oakleigh cruised home by 31 points. Aaron Cloke led the goal kicking for Oakleigh with 6 and Steve Tolongs added 4. Gary Bennett, Tim Scott and Dermot Cleary were some of the Krushers best.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 16.8.104 def Old Camberwell 10.13.73

Goals: Aaron Cloke 6, Steve Tolongs 4, Liam Hard 2, Will Manning 2, Tim Scott, Aisea Valentini
Best: Gary Bennett, Aaron Cloke, Steve Tolongs, Tim Scott, Dermot Cleary, Pat Ioannidis

Reserves: Oakleigh 15.4.94 def Old Camberwell 9.11.65

Goals: Dan Costigan 4, Jack Hind 3, Tommy Golik 2, Rod Gonzalez 2, Adam Abel, Rob Mether, Aaron Paisley, Simon Way
Best: Michael Klonaridis, Jack Hind, Dan Costigan, Dan Mercuri, Tommy Golik, Jaryd Wines

U/19s: Oakleigh 21.19.145 def Monash Blues 6.5.41

Goals: Jake Benoiton 10, James Grigoriou 2, Jake Lever 2, Anmol Malhotra 2, Zac Barrett, Sahil Bhanwal, Sam Ciavarella, Luke Pappon, Andrew Weymouth
Best: Jake Benoiton, Sahil Bhanwal, Sam Ciavarella, Chris Pearson, Brodie Weymouth, Jake Lever


Oakleigh played host to a triple header at the Krusherdome at Scammell Reserve on Saturday and celebrated with a nice three from three with all sides saluting.

The U/19s opened the days proceedings by welcoming Peninsula to the ‘Dome, they then proceeded to demolish a game, but undermanned Pirates outfit by 65 points. James Grigoriou was dangerous up forward for Oakleigh booting 5 goals with Tim Michael adding 3, Ryan Henderson, Sam Ciavarella and Tom Nolan were among Oakleighs best.

The reserves were up next and Oakleigh jumped out of the blocks with 5 goals before their guests, Ormond, could get out of first gear. Ormond hit back with 2 goals before the first change to trail by 17 points. The game was fairly even from quarter time on with the Oaks maintaining a 3 goal lead until the final term when Ormond came out with all guns blazing and slammed on 5 unanswered goals to hit the front late in the last term. The Krushers were rattled and under enormous pressure but managed to compose themselves enough to grab 2 goals back and hold on to a 1 point lead at the bell. Adam Matthiesson with Lee Barrand adding 3 while Matt Wass, Zac Thiessens and Chris Lavery were in the Krushers best.

The seniors took centre stage next and in scenes reminiscent of the previous game, had 5 goals on the board before Ormond could settle and kick 2 before the quarter time siren. Any similarities between the two games ended there as Oakleigh stamped their authority on the game booting 4-5 to 1-2 in the second term to take a 39 point lead to the long break. The carnage continued after half-time with Oakleigh running rampant adding another 5 goals to Ormonds 2 behinds and effectively ending the contest with a 71 point three quarter time lead. There was no easing up in the last for Oakleigh as they booted another 4 goals with the visitors managing 1 when the siren ended proceedings with Oakleigh 92 points in front. Liam Hard led the goal kicking with 5 and Aaron Cloke added 4 with Will Manning and Josh Revere chipping in with 2 each. Luke Andreatta, Gary Bennett and Nick Seel were in the Krushers best.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 18-14-122 defeated Ormond 4-6-30

Goals: Liam Hard 5, Aaron Cloke 4, Will Manning 2, Josh Revere 2, Dermot Cleary, Pat Ioannidis, Josh Paola, Tim Scott, Steve Tolongs
Best: Luke Andreatta, Liam Hard, Gary Bennett, Nick Seel, Keith Paisley, Aaron Cloke

Reserves: Oakleigh 11-8-74 defeated Ormond 11-7-73

Goals: Adam Matthiesson 4, Lee Barrand 3, Adam Abel, Tom Golik, Luke Moeller, Rob Mether
Best: Matt Wass, Zac Thiessens, Chris Lavery, Lee Barrand, Daniel Mercuri, Adam Matthiesson

Under 19’s: Oakleigh 17-17-119 defeated Peninsula 8-6-54

Goals: Grigoriou 5, Michael 3, Benoiton, Bhanwal, Cook, Davidson, Henderson, Lever, Malhotra, Malhotra, Pappon
Best: Henderson, Ciavarella, Nolan, Michael, Pappon, Grigoriou