Oakleigh finished their 2015 campaign in less than spectacular circumstances in Saturdays VAFA Premier C final round after a visit to the university saw Monash Blues square the local derby ledger in emphatic style with a crushing 89 point victory over a hapless Krushers. Jason Olson playing his 50th game, an injury depleted Oakleigh found the big ground and a stronger opponent too much to handle although their cause wasn’t helped by some wayward kicking for goal, a 2 goal 8 behind third term effectively removed any chance of a closer result. Despite battling hard, the Oaks were never really a chance in this game and now thoughts turn to a break before preparing for next season and, hopefully, some better results. Trevor Bromley and Pat Di Siervi booted 2 goals each for Oakleigh with Liam Hard, Dermot Cleary and Stuart Wines among the best players. The reserves fared a bit better in the early game with Kevin Holden playing his 50th game but, although they had a lot of the play, they couldn’t capitalise in front of goal. After being only 7 points down at the long break, Oakleigh failed to keep up with the Blues in the third term and eventually succumbed by 33 points. Lucas Cloke kicked 2 goals with Josh Revere, Chris Pearson and Chris Grant in the best players.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 5.15.45 lt Monash 20.14.134
Goals: Trevor Bromley 2, Pat Di Siervi 2, Tim Scott
Best: Liam Hard, Dermot Cleary, Stuart Wines, Shane Borland, Pat Di Siervi, Pat Ioannidis

Reserves: Oakleigh 2.6.18 lt Monash 7.9.51
Goals: Lucas Cloke 2
Best: Josh Revere, Chris Pearson, Lucas Cloke, Chris Grant, Scott Johnstone, Nick Fabrici


Tim Scott 1

Tim Scott – 100 Senior Games

Andrew Murray 1

Andrew Murray- 200 Games

Oakleigh bounced back from last weeks disappointment with a resounding 7 goal victory over Williamstown in the VAFA Premier C penultimate round at Scammell Reserve on Saturday. Celebrating milestones were Andrew Murray for 200 games, Tim Scott in his 100 senior game, Pat Ioannidis and Aaron Cloke for their 100 games. After being entertained by Tiger great, Matthew “Richo” Richardson in the pre-match luncheon, the supporters moved out into the sunshine to watch the Krushers control proceedings during the opening term only to be let down by some poor finishing in front of goal which left them with a 5 point advantage at the first change. The Oaks inaccuracy in front of goal continued in the second quarter and, although the difference increased to 26 points at the long break, the waywardness allowed Williamstown to keep in touch.


Aaron Cloke 1

Aaron Cloke – 100 Games

Pat Ioannidis 1

Pat Ioannidis – 100 Games

The visitors launched a counter attack in the third term as the match became a bit physical and the Krushers struggled to maintain control going into the last change with a 4 point lead. After an early arm wrestle in the last quarter, the Oaks broke loose and slammed on 8 goals to 2 to power home by 42 points. Aaron Cloke led the Oakleigh goal kicking with 6 while Liam Hard and Trevor Bromley added 3 each. Pat Ioannidis, Dermot Cleary and Shane Borland were among Oakleigh’s best.

The reserves game was, unfortunately, a blowout for the Krushers who, after a fairly tight first quarter, were no match for a rampant Williamstown. The visitors ripped the game away from the Oaks particularly in the third term with 9 unanswered goals before going on to win by 112 points. Oakleigh’s leading goal kicker was George Angelis with 4 with Tom Nolan, Jack Van De Ven and Chris Mercuri in the Krushers best.

The curtain raiser had the U/19s staged a great fight back to turn a 5 goal half-time deficit into a 1 point victory over match favourites DeLaSalle in the U/19 Section 4 final round. Although suffering from a similar case of inaccuracy that plagued the seniors, the young Krushers stuck their task snatching the lead late in the final quarter and holding on to win by the narrowest margin. The Oaks goal kicking was led by Anmol Malhotra with 5 with Ryan Henderson and Kyle Schmauder added 2 each. Chris Pearson, Scott Johnstone and Ben Swan were in the best for Oakleigh.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 17-24-126 def Williamstown CYMS 13-6-84.
Goals: A.Cloke 6, L.Hard, T.Bromley 3, D.Cleary, G.Bennett 2, S.Borland 1.
Best: P.Ioannidis, L.Hard, D.Cleary, J.Olsen, S.Borland, T.Bromley.

Reserves: Oakleigh 8-2-50 lt Williamstown CYMS 24-18-162.
Goals: G.Angelis 4, C.Grant, J.Van De Ven, A.Mathieson, N.Miller 1.
Best: T.Nolan, J.Van De Ven, C.Grant, C.Mercuri, E.Catella, S.Harris.

U/19s: Oakleigh 13-17-95 def DeLaSalle OC 14-10-94.
Goals: A.Malhotra 5, R.Henderson, K.Schmauder 2, L.Cloke, A.Malhotra, T.Corrie, C.Pearson 1.
Best: C.Pearson, A.Malhotra, B.Swan, S.Johnstone, C.Moore, R.Powell.  Best: C.Pearson, A.Malhotra, B.Swan, S.Johnstone, C.Moore, R.Powell.


Robbie Holden - 200 Games

Robbie Holden – 200 Games

Whatever slender mathematical chance Oakleigh may have had of making this seasons finals series dissipated in Saturdays VAFA Premier C fixture at Princes Park in Caulfield as Old Haileybury staked a major claim on fourth spot. Robbie Holden celebrating his 200th game, Oakleigh once again gave their opposition a start, this time it was 5 goals, and were forced to work harder to make up the difference. After going into the first change 32 points in arrears, the Krushers fought back to within 11 points at the long break. However, Old Haileybury hit back in the third term to take the lead back out to 29 points at the last change and then took charge of the match as the effort to overcome their sluggish star took it’s toll on the Oaks who eventually succumbed by 7 goals.

The reserves game was a tight contest for three quarters with 2 points separating the sides for the first two breaks and a solitary point being the difference going into the final term. Oakleigh battled hard to gain the upper hand then inexplicably lost their way as Old Haileybury piled on 8 goals to 1 to run away with a 46 point victory.

The U/19s had another big loss as they struggled to keep up with a rampant Old Haileybury in the curtain raiser. The home side proved far too strong for the young Krushers, finishing with a 114 point win.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 10-11-71 lt Old Haileybury 17-11-113.

Goals: A. Cloke 4, L.Hard 2, D.Cleary, P Di Servi, P.Ioannidis, J.Revere.
Best: G. Bennett, P. Di Siervi, L. Gillard, J. Davidson, A. Cloke, A. Murray.

Reserves: Oakleigh 8-6-54 lt Old Haileybury 15-10-100.

Goals: J. Benoiton 3, N. Miller, C. Mercuri, R. Gonzalez, B. Grizzell, A. Matthieson.
Best: C. Mercuri, J. Chapple, J. Hunt, B. Weymouth, C. Grant, G. Valenzuela.

U/19: Oakleigh 6-7-43 lt Old Haileybury 24-13-157.

Goals: A. Malhotra 2, M. Perrett, C. Moore, T. Corrie, L. Cloke.
Best: A. Malhotra, A. Malhotra, J. Robinson, H. Shea, S. Murray,
T. Corrie.


Oakleigh returned to the winners list on Saturday with a strong performance against PEGS at Scammell Reserve following three weeks of disappointment. Things weren’t looking good for the Oaks early in the piece as PEGS booted truly to return 5 straight goals to Oakleighs 3-3 at the first break. Another 2 goals to the visitors early in the second term had the Krusher faithful fearing all manner of bad things until a minor score by PEGS appeared to trigger a run of goals by Oakleigh. The Krushers booted 7 straight goals before PEGS pulled one back just before the long break to trail by 13 points.

The third quarter became an arm wrestle with neither side able to trouble the scorers before Oakleigh broke the deadlock and increased their lead to 28 points at the final change. The Krushers took control in the last quarter booting 7 goals to PEGS 2 and finished the match 59 points up. Trevor Bromley led the goal kicking for Oakleigh with 7 with Aaron Cloke booting 5 and Liam Hard and Dermot Cleary kicking 3 each. Jack Davidson, Stuart Wines and Leroy Moeller were among Oakleighs best.

The reserves found the going tough against the second placed PEGS and struggled to keep in touch despite battling hard all game, eventually slipping to a 32 point defeat. Chris Mercuri kicked 2 goals for Oakleigh with Adam Matthieson, Chris Grant and Stefan Harris among the best players.

The U/19s were simply no match for St.Kevins in the early game and were swept aside by a superior opponent to lose by 145 points. No match details were available.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 20.9-129 def PEGS 11.4-70.

Goals: T.Bromley 7, A.Cloke 5, L.Hard, D.Cleary 3, P.Ioannidis, T.Scott 1.
Best Players: J. Davidson, S. Wines, L. Moeller, T. Bromley, M. Wass, T. Scott.

Reserves: Oakleigh 5.9-39 lt PEGS 10.11-71.

Goals: C.Mercuri 2, B.Grizzel, G.Angelis, R.Gonzales 1.
Best Players: C.Mercuri, A.Mattieson, T.Michael, S.Harris, C.Grant, N.Miller.

U/19s: Oakleigh 2.2-14 lt St.Kevins Old Boys 22.27-159.



After a commendable effort last week against Old Ivanhoe, Oakleigh were hopeful of a return to the winners list against arch enemies Peninsula at Mt. Eliza in Saturdays VAFA Premier C division 14th round clash. With injury and suspension forcing some line-up changes, which gave a chance for a couple of U/19 players to experience senior footy, the Oaks were still confident of a good showing and they looked good early booting the first goal but from halfway through the first term the Pirates took control of the game taking a 17 point lead into quarter time. Peninsula dictated the terms throughout the game keeping the Krushers to 2 rushed behinds in the second quarter as they extended the lead to 50 points at the long break.

Any hopes of an Oakleigh resurgence after the break were brushed aside as the Pirates ran rings around the hapless Oaks who looked flat and slow. Eventually the final siren brought Oakleigh’s misery to an end with Peninsula victorious by 94 points. Dermot Cleary kicked 2 goals for Oakleigh with Stuart Wines, Leroy Moeller and Rob Holden among the best players.

The reserves fared better in the early game with a gutsy come-from-behind win against the fourth placed Peninsula. After trailing at every change, the Krushers dug deep in the final quarter systematically erasing the 16 point deficit before levelling the scores with a minute and then surging again to goal in the dying seconds. It was a great fighting effort from a team that has struggled for most of the season and saw them get off the bottom of the ladder. The match details for the reserves were unavailable at the time of writing.

The U/19s were again forced to forfeit.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 6.6-42 lt Peninsula OB 20.16-136.

Goals: D.Cleary 2, A.Cloke, J.Benoiton, T.Bromley, L.Moeller 1.
Best: S.Wines, L.Moeller, R.Holden, D.Cleary, A.Mase, G.Bennett.

Reserves: Oakleigh 13.6-84 def Peninsula OB 12.6-76.



Oakleigh travelled north again in Saturdays VAFA Premier C fixture, this time to take on Old Ivanhoe at Chelsworth Park and Nick Seel playing his 50th senior game. The Krushers were still smarting from last weeks poor opening against Marcellin and things looked grim when Old Ivanhoe booted the first three goals of the game before the Oaks could return fire. A 9 goal to 4 opening term had the hosts in the box seat but Oakleigh hit back in the second quarter with 7 goals to 1 and went to the long break with a 2 point advantage.

The Krushers maintained the rage early in third increasing their lead to 17 points before the ‘Hoes rallied and grabbed the lead back, going into the last change with a 7 point break. A fired up Ivanhoe took the initiative in the last quarter and kicked away but Oakleigh fought back to within 6 points but couldn’t keep the momentum up and Old Ivanhoe got to the line by 18 points in what was a very good game of football. Aaron Cloke led Oakleigh’s goal kicking with 5, Trevor Bromley added 4 and Liam Hard booted 3. Pat Ioannidis, Stuart Wines and Matt Wass were in Oakleigh’s best.

In the early game the Krushers took it right up to their hosts all game leading by 5 points at quarter time and 4 points at the last change but Old Ivanhoe had the wind in the last and despite the Krushers best efforts the ‘Hoes got home by 10 points. Jack Davidson and Stefan Harris kicked 2 goals each, while Jack Van De Ven, Chris Grant and Leroy Moeller were some of the best.

The U/19s were unable to get the numbers and were forced to forfeit.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 18-11-119 lt Old Ivanhoe 20-17-137.

Goal Kickers: A. Cloke 5, T. Bromley 4, L. Hard 3, G. Bennett , J. Olson , T. Scott , S. Briggs , S. Wines , N. Seel.
Best Players: P. Ioannidis , S. Wines , M. Wass , K. Paisley , S. Borland , L. Hard.

Reserves: Oakleigh 8-3-51 lt Old Ivanhoe 8-13-61.

Goal Kickers: J. Davidson 2, S. Harris 2, Gonzalez, C. Mercuri, N Miller, Z Thiessens.
Best Players: J. Van De Ven, C. Grant, L. Moeller, C. Pinney, T. Nolan, Z. Thiessens.



Andrew Murray 1

Andrew Murray – 50 Senior games

VAFA Premier C Division returned after a two week break and Oakleigh travelled to Marcellin College hopeful of an upset. Andrew Murray playing his 50th Senior game for the Oaks, but unfortunately, Marcellin put any chance of an upset well out of reach as they held the Krushers goal-less in the first term. Oakleigh didn’t raise two flags until midway through the second quarter after the Eagles had booted 10. From that point the Krushers kept pace with the hosts but couldn’t overcome the horror start as Marcellin proved too good and cruised to a 52 point victory. Trevor Bromley led the Oaks goal kicking with 4 and Aaron Cloke added 3. Liam Gillard, Baden Wass and Shane Borland were some of Oakleighs best.

The early game which, due to school football, was played across the road at Bulleen Park, was a shocker for Oakleigh as well as the reserves proved no match for a powerful Eagles outfit succumbing by 80 points in what was a frustrating game for the Oaks. Jake Benoiton, Simon Berman and Steve Buchanan shared the goals and Andrew Mase, Adam Mathiesson and Leroy Moeller were in Oakleighs best players.

The U/19s played host to MHSOB at Scammell Reserve and took control of proceedings early going into the main break 17 points up. After half-time the Krushers really took over adding 7-3 to Melbournes 5 behinds winning by 51 points. Anmol Malhotra continued his fine form in front of goal kicking 4 with Chris Pearson and Hayden Shea adding 2 each. Scott Johnstone, Nathan Fredericks and Dylan Saffigna were in Oakleighs best.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 11.7.73 lt Marcellin 19.11.125.

Goals: Trevor Bromley 4, Aaron Cloke 3, Dermot Cleary, Liam Hard, Jim Hunt, Tim Scott.
Best: Liam Gillard, Baden Wass, Shane Borland, Pat Ioannidis, Aaron Cloke, Trevor Bromley.

Reserves: Oakleigh 3.4.22 lt Marcellin 15.12.102.

Goals: Jake Benoiton, Simon Berman, Steve Buchanan.
Best: Andrew Mase, Jake Benoiton, Adam Mathiesson, Leroy Moeller, Jason Olson, Jack Van Der Ven.

U19s: Oakleigh 11.10.76 def MHSOB 3.7.25.

Goals: Anmol Malhotra 4, Chris Pearson 2, Hayden Shea 2, Nick Fabrici, Scott Johnstone, Nathan Fredericks.
Best: Hayden Shea, Scott Johnstone, Nathan Fredericks, Dylan Saffigna, Anmol Malhotra, Corey Moore.




Trevor Bromley

Gary Bennett 2

Gary Bennett

After last week’s disappointment at Williamstown, Oakleigh were keen to make amends at home against Therry Penola in Saturdays VAFA Premier C Division round 11 clash, the 200th Senior home at Scammell Reserve. Gary Bennett playing his 150th game, a sluggish start and a spirited Therry had the Krushers struggling some 25 points adrift at the first change. After some stern words at quarter time and with a strengthening breeze at their backs, the Oaks set about restoring some order and, after a 9 goal to 1 second term, managed to turn the deficit into a 25 point advantage at the long break.

As is often the case, the breeze eased in the third quarter and an enthralling tussle saw the Oaks edge out to a 31 point break at the final change. Therry came out firing in the last and looked threatening as they set about reducing the Krushers lead but they began to wilt under Oakleigh’s pressure and the Krushers ran away to win by 49 points. Aaron Cloke led Oakleigh’s goalkicking with 6, Trevor Bromley, in his club record breaking 267th game, added 5 and Shaun Briggs booted 4 with Shane Borland, Baden Wass and Josh Revere were in Oakleigh’s best.

The reserves game was a thiller with Oakleigh, after a bright start, having to hold out a hard finishing Therry in the second half. The visitors threw everything into the game particularly in the final quarter but the Oaks remained strong and held on to win by 3 points. The win was soured somewhat by a sickening injury to Jake Pappon who had his jaw broken in a dubious tackle and was taken to hospital as a result. Leading Oakleigh’s goal kickers was Jake Benoiton with 3, Nathan Miller and Andrew Weymouth added 2 each. Chris Lavery, Rod Gonzalez and Adam Matthiesson were in Oakleigh’s best.

The days entertainment began with the U/19s and Therry Penolas wayward kicking in the first half probably cost them the game in the end when they trailed by 3 points at half time having kicked 3-12 to Oakleigh’s 5-3. The Oaks remained calm and opened the lead up to 3 goals at the final change and then had to withstand a Therry fightback that got them to within 7 points when the siren ended proceedings. Nick DiCioccio, Ryan Henderson and Chris Pearson each kicked 2 goals for Oakleigh with Ankush Malhotra, Corey Moore and Zac Barrett among the best players.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 20.11.131 def Therry Penola 12.10.82

Goals: Aaron Cloke 6, Trevor Bromley 5, Shaun Briggs 4, Jack Davidson 2, Josh Revere 2, James Chapple
Best: Shane Borland, Baden Wass, Trevor Bromley, Aisea Valentini, Shaun Briggs, Matt Wass

Reserves: Oakleigh 11.6.72 def Therry Penola 11.3.69

Goals: Jake Benoiton 3, Nathan Miller 2, Brodie Weymouth 2, George Angelis, Simon Berman, Rod Gonzalez, Chris Lavery
Best: Chris Lavery, Jake Benoiton, Rod Gonzalez, Adam Mathiesson, Brodie Weymouth, Milo Gluth

U/19s: Oakleigh 9.8.62 def Therry Penola 7.13.55

Goals: Nidk Di Cioccio 2, Ryan Henderson 2, Chris Pearson 2, Anmol Malhotra, Jordan Peeler, Dylan Saffigna
Best: Ankush Malhotra, Corey Moore, Zac Barrett, Chris Pearson, Hayden Shea, Ben Swan



Aisea Valentini

Aisea Valentini – 100 Games

Round 10 of the VAFA Premier C Division season had Oakleigh Amateurs travel over the bridge to Fearon Reserve and their first meeting with Williamstown CYMS. With Aisea Valentini playing his 100th game, the day didn’t start well for Oakleigh when a late withdrawal due to illness caused some reshuffling of the team. Things got progressively worse from there as injuries took their toll and a fired up Williamstown jumped all over the situation. From the outset, CYMS were out to make a statement and had 2 goals on the board before the Oaks had blinked. The Krushers settled but not before Willy had taken a 16 point lead into the first change. Oakleigh fired back in the second but were having trouble keeping the hosts from scoring and as a result only managed to reduce the deficit to 12 points at the long break.

At this stage the Oakleigh bench had been reduced to 2 through injury and rotations were becoming a problem but the Oaks put in their best quarter and, if not for some inaccuracy, may well have gone to the final break in front instead of 8 points down. Williamstown took the initiative in the last and kicked away before the Krushers, now down to one on the bench and a couple hobbling, hit back but again couldn’t hit the target and opportunities went begging. Williamstown had their tails up by this stage and finished it off to win by 21 points in what was a fast, tough and entertaining game of football.  Aaron Cloke was in fine touch up forward with 7 goals, Trevor Bromley added 3 and Liam Hard booted 2 for Oakleigh with Aisea Valentini, Shane Borland and Nick Seel among the best.

The Reserves struggled with a lack of numbers and the woes of the senior team didn’t help their cause any and neither did Williamstown who were simply too strong. Oakleigh battled gamely all match but the hosts had an answer to every attack and eventually cruised to a 56 point victory. Steve Buchanan booted 3 goals for Oakleigh with Jack Van Den Ven, Chris Grant and Jake Benoiton in the best players.

The U/19s simply didn’t have the firepower to match it with Mazenod at Central Reserve and, although they gave their best, were humbled by 84 points. Anmol Malhotra kicked 2 goals for the Oaks and Caleb Qumivutia, Luke Pappon and Scott Murray were some of Oakleighs best.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 17.15.117 lt Williamstown 21.12.138
Goals: Aaron Cloke 7, Trevor Bromley 3, Liam Hard 2, Gary Bennett, Pat Ioannidis, Josh Revere, Tim Scott, Aisea Valentini
Best: Aisea Valentini, Shane Borland, Nick Seel, Liam Hard, Aaron Cloke, Baden Wass

2nds: Oakleigh 7.5.47 lt Williamstown 15.13.103
Goals: Steve Buchanan 3, Jake Benoiton, Jake Pappon, Gonzo Valenzuela, Jack Van Der Ven
Best: Jack Van Der Ven, Chris Grant, Jake Benoiton, Steve Buchanan, Adam Mathiesson, Michael Klonaridis

U19s: Oakleigh 4.9.33 lt Mazenod 17.15.117
Goals: Anmol Malhotra 2, Zac Barrett, Lucas Cloke
Best: Caleb Qumivutia, Luke Pappon, Scott Murray, Corey Moore, Nathan Fredericks, Scott Johnstone



Trevor Bromley – 600 Goals

A fast finishing Old Camberwell almost snatched the game from Oakleigh with an 8 goal final term in the VAFA Premier C division round 9 clash at Scammell Reserve on Saturday. After a dominant first half where they kept the OCs to only 1 goal, Oakleigh kept the momentum going but were let down with in accuracy in front of goal adding 4-5 to the OCs 3 goals to take a 35 point lead into the final quarter. After the final break, Old Camberwell ramped it up and caught the Krushers flat footed as they stormed the Oakleigh defence booting 8-7 to snatch a slender lead late in the term before Oakleigh countered with 2 goals to retain the lead before finally holding on for a 5 point victory. Needing one goal to reach the 600 career goal milestone, Oakleigh’s Trevor Bromley went on to kick 7 for the game with Aaron Cloke adding 3. Stuart Wines, Shaun Briggs and Liam Gillard were in Oakleighs best.


Adam Matthieson

Adam Mattieson – 100 Games

Jim Hunt

Jim Hunt – 100 Games

In the early game, Jim Hunt and Adam Matthieson playing their 100 the game, Oakleigh clung to a one goal advantage at the long break after a 5 goal to 3 second term turned around the one goal deficit at the first change. The Krushers attacked relentlessly in the third term but couldn’t convert on the scoreboard and Old Camberwell took advantage taking a 7 point lead into the final change. Although the Oaks tried hard in the last quarter they couldn’t close the gap and eventually lost by 8 points. Jim Hunt and Nathan Miller both kicked 3 goals for Oakleigh with Josh Revere, Milo Glum and Manny Catalla in the best players.


In the Under 19s section 4 game at Gerry Green Reserve Oakleigh faded after a good first half had them trailing by 11 points at the main break. Parkdale proved too strong for Oakleigh in the third term keeping the Oaks goalless before a 7 goal to 2 last quarter put the Vultures 64 points up at the final siren. Anmol Malhotra booted 4 goals for Oakleigh with Corey Moore, Luke Pappon and Alex Swan among Oakleigh’s best.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 14.15.99 def Old Camb 12.22.94.
Goals: Trevor Bromley 7. Aaron Cloke 3, Gary Bennett, Pat Di Siervi, Shaun Briggs, Stuart Wines.
Best: Trevor Bromley, Stuart Wines, Shaun Briggs, Liam Gillard, Andrew Murray, Pat Ioannidis.

Reserves: Oakleigh 13.6.84 lt Old Camb 14.8.92.
Goals: Jim Hunt 3, Nathan Miller 3, Jake Benoiton, Aaron Binns, Stefan Harris, Adam Matthieson, Aaron Paisley, Josh Revere, Jack Van De Ven.
Best: Jim Hunt, Josh Revere, Milo Glum, Manny Catalla, Michael Klonaridis, Nathan Miller.

U19s: Oakleigh 9.8.62 lt Parkdale 18.18.126.
Goals: Anmol Malhotra 4, Lucas Cloke, Nick Di Cioccio, Nathan Fredericks, Ryan Henderson, Corey Moore.
Best: Anmol Malhotra, Corey Moore, Luke Pappon, Alex Swan, Lucas Cloke, Ryan Henderson.