Oakleigh Amateurs womens team showed the men how it’s done on Saturday with a strong win over third placed UHS/VU at Scammell Reserve in their seventh round Division 2 clash. In cool but not unpleasant conditions, the Oaks began well with 2 goals in the opening term although the visitors may well have fared better had they kicked straight going to the first change with 5 behinds on the board and trailing by 7 points. Oakleigh burst from the gates in the second term with three quick goals rocking UHS before they could blink. UHS rallied and kicked 2 goals to bring the deficit back to 13 points at the long break.

The Krushers, who lost their coach before the first bounce to a finger injury sustained during the warm-up and effectively coached themselves during the first half, were on a roll and piled on 4 goals during a huge third term and went to the last change with a  commanding 31 point lead. The Oaks went off the boil a bit in the last failing to kick a goal but did enough to keep UHS to 2 goals and the Krushers finished 20 points up at the bell. Casey Morris was dominant in front of goal for Oakleigh with 4, Stephanie Wood added 3 with Madelaine Bregazzi, Ella Madigan and Jade Farrugia among the best.

The men travelled to W.R.Ruthven Reserve to do battle with Preston and they were probably lucky the Bullants couldn’t kick straight in the first term as the game may well have been over at the first break instead of there being a 13 point difference in favour of the home side. Preston 3-7 to Oakleigh 2-0. The second term was pretty even with both sides posting 5 goals, the Oaks added 5 behinds to 3 to narrow the gap to 11 points at the long break.

Preston 8-10 Oakleigh 7-5. The third quarter proved to be Oakleighs undoing with the Bullants swarming over the Oakleigh defence to add 6-7 for the term, the Krushers could only manage 2-5 and went to the last change 37 points down. Preston 14-17 Oakleigh 9-10. A final quarter fightback by the Oaks fell short of what was hoped and Preston proved too strong on the day winning by 24 points. Aaron Cloke led the Oaks goalkicking with 5, Trevor Bromley added 3 to take his club tally to 700, and Jon Rutter along with Tim Scott added 2 each. Gary Bennett, Liam Gillard and Pat Ioannidis were among the best.

In the early game, the Oaks got jumped and were under the pump from the outset trailing by 22 points at the first break. The second term was much the same as Preston peppered the goals with inaccuracy being the only thing keeping the Oaks in it. At the long break, the Bullants had opened up a 39 point lead and things looked grim for the Krushers, however, a third quarter fightback saw the Oaks keep the Bullants goalless as they clawed their way back to within 16 points at the last break. They couldn’t maintain the momentum in the last and Preston regained their composure to run out 36 point winners. Joshe Abela booted 3 goals for Oakleigh with Dan Costigan adding 2. Dylan Ruddy, Scott Murray and Zac Thiessens were among the best.

The U/19s didn’t play after receiving a forfeit from Fitzroy.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 14.14.98 lt Preston 17.20.122
Goals: Aaron Cloke 5, Trevor Bromley 3, Jon Rutter 2, Tim Scott 2, Hayden Everett, Chris Pearson
Best: Trevor Bromley, Gary Bennett, Liam Gillard, Pat Ioannidis, Luke Pappon, Andrew Murray

Reserves: Oakleigh 8.9.57 lt Preston 13.15.93
Goals: Josh Abela 3, Dan Costigan 2, Chris Grant, Ryan Powell, Zac Thiessens
Best: Dylan Ruddy, Scott Murray, Zac Thiessens, Chris Grant, Joed Cook, Mark Bennett

Womens: Oakleigh 9.7.61 def UHS-VU 5.11.41
Goals: Casey Morris 4, Stephanie Wood 3, Madeline Bregazzi, Ella Madigan
Best: Casey Morris, Madeline Bregazzi, Ella Madigan, Jade Farrugia, Stephanie Wood, Jordyn Bethune

 U19s: Defeated Fitzroy on forfeit


Nick Seel – 150 games

Oakleigh senior mens team, sitting fifth on the ladder, played host to last placed Whitefriars on Saturday at Scammell Reserve in the D1 ninth round and managed to put the Krusher faithful through some worrying times on what was a perfect day. Starting well, the Krushers had 2 goals on the board quickly and were looking ominous when they seemed to switch off and let the ‘Friars dictate the terms of engagement. The visitors relished the situation, booting 6 goals for the quarter, and went to the first change with a 17 point advantage. The Oaks shook off their lethargy in the second term booting 5-5 to the ‘Friars 2 behinds to take a 16 point lead into the main break.

Another 5 goals to 2 in the third had Oakleigh 34 points in front at the last change and in control, but Whitefriars kept coming cutting the margin to 24 points at one stage before the Oaks settled and kicked 36 points clear at the bell. The difference quite possibly should have been somewhat greater had the Krushers

Tim Scott – 150 games

kicked a little straighter in the last term and had a better return than 2-11. Trevor Bromley, Pat Ioannidis and Tim Scott each kicked 3 goals for Oakleigh with Aaron Cloke adding 2. Gary Bennett, Andrew Murray and Chris Pearson were in the Oaks best.

The early game was a pretty even affair with never more than a few points separating the two sides at each interval. A wayward Whitefriars took first quarter honours with a 5 point lead at the first change, the Oaks, by virtue of a 6 goal second term, went to the long break with a 6 point advantage. Not to be outdone, Whitefriars hit back in the third and took a 2 point lead into the last break. The Krushers had had enough of these tit-for-tat shenanigans in the final quarter and upped the intensity banging home another 6 goals in the last to win by 26 points. Veteran Josh Revere put in a BOG performance booting 5 goals for Oakleigh with Rod Gonzalez and Zac Thiessens adding 3 apiece, Chris Grant and Josh Abela chipped in with 2 each. Matt Pearson, Andrew Weymouth and Ash Kitts were

Nathan Miller – 150 games

among the Krushers best.

The womens team went to Centenary Park East and a date with SBMT/St.Peters AFC. After trailing by a goal at the first break, the Oaks hit back to level the scores at half-time. A huge third quarter effort saw the Krushers boot 5 goals to nil and take a stranglehold on the match at the last change. Another strong last quarter by the Oaks kept the hosts to 1-2 as they added 2 goals to run out victors by 35 points. Stephanie Wood led the Krushers goalkicking with 3 , Ella Madigan and Casey Morris added 2 each with Adrienne Ringin, Crystal Van and Bonnie Nolan among the best players.

The U/19s travelled to Hampton to take on Hampton Rovers and the Oaks were a bit slow out of the blocks managing only 2 goals to the Rovers 7 by half-time. A better second half saw the Krushers keep the home side goalless in the third term as they cut the deficit to 18 points at the last change but a wayward final term cost the Oaks in the end as they booted 2-7 to 1-2 to fall 7 points short. Mina Farid kicked 2 goals for Oakleigh with Will Harris, Chris Galanos and Harry Bootjes among the best.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 15.23.113 def Whitefriars 11.11.77
Goals: Trevor Bromley 3, Pat Ioannidis 3, Tim Scott 3, Aaron Cloke 2, James Hunt, Leroy Moeller, Chris Pearson, Jon Rutter
Best: Pat Ioannidis, Gary Bennett, Andrew Murray, Chris Pearson, Trevor Bromley, Adam Matthiesson
Reserves: Oakleigh 17.11.113 def Whitefriars 13.9.87
Goals: Josh Revere 5, Rod Gonzalez 3, Zac Thiessens 3, Chris Grant 2, Josh Abela 2, Evan Lukas, Nathan Miller
Best: Josh Revere, Matt Pearson, Zac Thiessens, Andrew Weymouth, Brodie Weymouth, Ash Kitts
U19s: Oakleigh 6.14.50 lt Hampton Rovers 8.9.57
Goals: Mina Farid 2, Will Harris, Tim O’Donohue, Tom Gillard, Ed Standish
Best: Mina Farid, Will Harris, Chris Galanos, Harry Boontjes, Hayden Everett, Justin McCarthy
Womens: Oakleigh 10.3.63 v SBMT/St Peters 4.4.28
Goals: Stephanie Wood 3, Ella Madigan 2, Casey Morris 2, Jasmine Bellastrin, Cassie Bethune, Meghan Walkden
Best: Adrienne Ringin, Crystal Vann, Bonnie Nolan, Jasmine Bellastrin, Cassie Bethune, Laura Walkden


Oakleigh Amateurs womens team grabbed nail biting 3 point win over ladder leaders Old Camberwell at Scammell Reserve on Saturday in their Development Division 2 fifth round clash. The Oaks started well, with plenty of the football but couldn’t get past a solid Camberwell defence and, as is often the case, the visitors first foray forward resulted in a goal and Camberwell went to the first change with a 5 point advantage. The Krushers continued to press in the second term and managed 2 goals but the visitors responded with 3 goals and the difference was 8 points at the long break, a bit of inaccuracy in front of goal wasn’t helping the Krushers cause either.

After the break the Oaks lifted and their intensity brought them a goal and to within 5 points at the last change. In a torrid final quarter the Krushers held the Wellers scoreless and gradually pulled back the deficit and a goal with three minutes to go put the Oaks in front and they held on grimly to the bell for a hard fought and exciting win. Casey Morris kicked 2 goals for Oakleigh with Stephanie Wood, Shannen Bethune and Crystal Van among the best players.

The men travelled to Ferndale Park in Glen Iris to do battle with St.Mary’s Salesian looking for a win that would put them into the four and the hosts were hoping to turn around a minor form slump that had seen them drop from top spot to fourth. Oakleigh began well but inaccuracy in front of goal reared its ugly head again and the Krushers went to the first break with a 3 point lead. St.Mary’s mounted a resurgence in the second term booting 4-5 to 1-4 to go into the main change with a 16 point advantage. After the break, the Oaks were under the pump as SMS took control with a 5 goal third term to the Oaks 3-3 and a 26 point deficit faced Oakleigh as they went into the last change. The Oaks rallied in the last but couldn’t close the gap and finally succumbed by 20 points. Aaron Cloke  and Jaryd Wines led the Krushers goalkicking with 3 each as Trevor Bromley added 2. Pat Ioannidis, Luke Pappon and Tim Michael were in the Oaks best.

The reserves didn’t fare too well in the early game where only 1 goal and 12 behinds were scored in the opening term and Oakleigh didn’t kick the goal going to the break 6 points down. It got worse from there as the hosts took control booting 6 goals in the second term to the Krushers 2 and went to half-time with a 35 point lead. Another 6 goals to 1 in the third had SMS in total control and they coasted through an even last quarter to win by 67 points. Josh Abela booted 4 goals for Oakleigh with Ben Hogan, Jim Hunt and Mark Bennett among the best players.

The U/19s played host to Latrobe Uni at Scammell in their Section 5 round 8 clash. The Oaks jumped from the blocks banging on 4-7 before a couple of late goals brought Latrobe to within 19 points at the first break. The Krushers responded in the second with 7-5 to 1 goal and, despite the inaccuracy, took a 10 goal lead into the long break. A 1-6 to 1-3 third term was probably more to do with Oakleigh over confidence than a Latrobe resurgence and the Krushers put the issue beyond doubt in the final quarter slamming on 7 goals to 2 to run away with a 95 point win. Dylan Goodwill led the goal kicking for Oakleigh with 5, Izaiah Elisaia, Chris Galanos added 3 each and Tom Gillard and Ed Standish kicked 2 each. Justin McCarthy, Lachlan Park and Corey Moore were some of the Oaks best.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 11.13.79 lt St Marys Salesian 15.9.99
Goals: Aaron Cloke 3, Jaryd Wines 3, Trevor Bromley 2, Hayden Everett, Leroy Moeller, Josh Revere
Best: Pat Ioannidis, Luke Pappon, Tim Michael, Jon Rutter, Hayden Everett, Aaron Cloke

Reserves: Oakleigh 7.10.52 lt St Marys Salesian 17.17.119
Goals: Josh Abela 4, Chris Grant, Ash Kitts, Ryan Mitchell
Best: Ben Hogan, James Hunt, Josh Abela, Mark Bennett, Chris Grant, Brodie Weymouth

U19s: Oakleigh 19.21.135 def La Trobe 6.4.40
Goals: Dylan Goodwill 5, Izaiah Elisaia 3, Chris Galanos 3, Tom Gillard 2, Ed Standish 2, Jett Murphy
Best: Justin McCarthy, Dylan Goodwill, Lachlan Park, Corey Moore, Ryan Powell, Will Harris

Womens: Oakleigh 4.7.31 def Old Camberwell 4.4.28
Goals: Casey Morris 2, Cassie Bethune, Stephanie Wood
Best: Stephanie Wood, Shannen Bethune, Crystal Van, Madeline Bregazzi, Kara White, Casey Morris


In Saturdays round 7 of the VAFA Division 1, Oakleigh played host to Therry Penola at a windy Scammell Reserve and emerged victorious after a tough battle in blustery conditions. The Oaks opened proceedings quickly with U/19 Hayden Everett posting a goal with his first kick in senior footy. Unfortunately, the wind played havoc with accuracy and Oakleigh booted 3-8 to Therry’s 1-1 in the first term going to the break with a 19 point lead. A big second quarter against the wind realised 5 goals to the Krushers as the visitors struggled to break through the Oakleigh defence adding only 1 goal for the term and Oakleigh went to the long break with a commanding 47 point lead.

The Krushers continued to dominate in the third term getting out to a 10 goal lead by the last change. As the Oaks took the foot off the pedal in the last, Therry mounted a counter attack and kicked 4 goals to 1 to cut the deficit to 41 points at the final bell. Aaron Cloke, Pat Ioannidis and Tim Scott kicked 2 each for Oakleigh with Adam Matthieson, Tom Nolan and Gary Bennett among the Oaks best.

In the early game, a slow start with the breeze cost the Oaks dearly as Therry booted 3 goals to 1 and went to the first change with a 13 point advantage. Things didn’t improve much for Oakleigh in the second as Therry upped the tempo and the Krushers struggled to keep up trailing by 30 points at the long break. A better effort in the third saw the Oaks match it with the visitors but they couldn’t make inroads on the scoreboard and they still trailed by 30 points at the final change and a big effort in the last quarter wasn’t enough and Therry ran out 33 point victors. Josh Abela led the Oaks goalkicking with 2 and Chris Grant, Andrew Weymouth and Jaryd Wines were in Oakleigh’s best.

Corey Moore – 50 games

The U/19s travelled down to Mornington to take on Peninsula and handled the trip, the wind and the locals comfortably booting 4 goals in the opening term to the Pirates nil. Peninsula booted 2 goals in the second but the Oaks answered with 5 of their own and went to half-time with a 47 point lead. The Pirates failed to register a major after the break and the Krushers cantered away to win by 85 points. Dylan Goodwill led the Oakleigh goalkicking with 4, Izaia Elisaia added 3 and Chris Galanos, Tom Gillard and Corey Moore playing his 50th game for the club, chipped in with 2 apiece. Mina Farid, Justin McCarthy and Harry Bootjes were among the Krushers best.

The women had a long trip the other way to Ivanhoe and battled hard but couldn’t put the score on the board as the home side made better use of the wind and won by 15 points. Stephanie Wood booted 2 goals for Oakleigh with Casey Morris, Madelaine Bregazzi and Hanna Wood among the best players.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 13.21.99 def Therry Penola 8.10.58
Goals: Aaron Cloke 2, Pat Ioannidis 2, Tim Scott 2, Gary Bennett, Shane Borland, Hayden Everett, Leroy Moeller, Luke Pappon, Josh Revere, Jon Rutter
Best: Adam Matthieson, Pat Ioannidis, Tom Nolan, Gary Bennett, Jon Rutter, Andrew Murray

Reserves: Oakleigh 5.2.32 lt Therry Penola 9.11.65
Goals: Josh Abela 2, Rod Gonzalez, Chris Grant, Anmol Malhotra
Best: Chris Grant, Andrew Weymouth, Jaryd Wines, Rhys Hildebrand-Wise, Mark Bennett, Aaron Shaw

U19s: Oakleigh 15.20.110 def Peninsula 2.13.25
Goals: Dylan Goodwill 4, Izaia Elisaia 3, Chris Galanos 2, Tom  Gillard 2, Corey Moore 2, Harry Boontjes
Best: Mina Farid, Justin McCarthy, Dylan Goodwill, Harry Boontjes, Tom Gillard, Callum Gillard

Womens: Oakleigh 2.3.15 lt Ivanhoe 4.6.30
Goals: Hanna Wood 2
Best: Stephanie Wood, Casey Morris, Madeline Bregazzi, Hanna Wood, Shannen Bethune, Jasmine Ballestrin


Oakleigh had their best day of the season on Saturday as all four teams saluted. In Div. 1 the seniors swept aside a determined St. Johns at Thomas Carroll Reserve in a bit of a scrappy encounter. After starting well, the Oaks allowed the Jocs to dictate the terms in the first quarter and trailed by 7 points at the first change. Still looking scratchy early in the second term, the Krushers managed to contain the hosts before hitting their stride and banging on 6 unanswered goals to take control of the game. A late goal to St. Johns made the difference 22 points in Oakleigh’s favour at the main break.

The Oaks were on a roll after half-time and piled on another 6 goals to the hosts 3 as the Jocs began to falter and the Oaks held a 39 point advantage at the last change. St. Johns wilted in the final term and Oakleigh piled on another 7 goals and strolled to an 82 point win. Tim Scott was again the main goalkicker with 8, Trevor Bromley showed he still has the goods kicking 7 and Gary Bennett and Aaron Cloke added 2 each. Pat Ioannidis, Michael Tate and Shane Borland were in Oakleigh’s best.

In the early game, the Krushers proved too strong for St. Johns. After taking an 11 point lead into the first change, the Oaks simply outplayed their hosts taking a 24 point lead into the long break and then keeping them goalless in the second half, running away with a 97 point win. “Rocket” Rod Gonzalez was on fire in front of goal with 9, Josh Abela kicked 5 with Chris Grant adding 2. Nick Seel, Brodie Weymouth and Anmol Malhotra were among the Krushers best.

In the Women’s Development Division 2 match at Scammell Reserve the Krushers emerged victorious in a low scoring affair against Old Carey. A goalless first term saw the scores locked together at one point each at the first break, but the Oaks upped the intensity in the second and went to the long break with an 8 point advantage. A strong third term from the Krushers had them 3 goals in front at the last change and they withstood a late charge from Old Carey to grab a 12 point victory. Goals were shared between Shannen Bethune, Somaly Herridge and Stephanie Wood for Oakleigh with Casey Morris, Marnie Guerin and Crystal Van among the Oaks best.

The U/19s began proceedings at Scammell Reserve, playing host to Aquinas and came away with a 7 point win after the entire second quarter was lost due to a serious injury to Lucas Cloke whose arm was broken. It’s difficult to proceed with a game when there’s an ambulance on the field. Anyway, after the ambulance took Lucas to the hospital, play resumed with the second quarter abandoned and the Krushers held on in a tight one. Dylan Goodwill and Ed Standish each kicked 3 goals for Oakleigh with Chris Galanos, Harry Bootjes and Mina Farid among the Oaks best.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 23.17.155 def St Johns 11.11.77
Goals: Tim Scott 8, Trevor Bromley 7, Gary Bennett, Aaron Cloke 2, Pat Ioannidis, Michael Tate, Zac Mousoulis, Shane Borland.
Best: Trevor Bromley, Tim Scott, Pat Ioannidis, Michael Tate, Shane Borland, Gary Bennett

Reserves: Oakleigh 19.19.133 def St Johns 5.6.36
Goals: Rod Gonzalez 9, Josh Abela 5, Chris Grant 2, Anmol Malhotra, Nick Seel, Jaryd Wines
Best: Rod Gonzalez, Nick Seel, Brodie Weymouth, Anmol Malhotra, James Chapple, Josh Abela

U19s: Oakleigh 9.3.57 def Aquinas OC 7.8.50
Goals: Dylan Goodwill 3, Ed Standish 3, Izaiah Elisaia, Chris Galanos, Tom Gillard
Best: Dylan Goodwill, Ed Standish, Chris Galanos, Harry Bootjes, Mina Farid, Will Harris

Womens: Oakleigh 3.5.23 def Old Carey 1.5.11
Goals: Shannen Bethune, Somaly Herridge, Stephanie Wood
Best: Stephanie Wood, Shannen Bethune, Casey Morris, Marnie Guerin, Somaly Herridge, Crystal Van


Rodney Gonzalez – 50 Games

Oakleigh had an ordinary day out on Saturday as the only team to salute were the U/19s. The seniors travelled to E.E.Gunn Reserve for the local derby with Ormond and took the early running with a 4 goal to 1 first quarter going into the break with a 14 point lead. A 6 goal second term to the Oaks was matched by Ormonds 5-5 and the long break came with Oakleigh 15 points up.

Things changed in the third term as Oakleigh began to falter and the hosts began to crank up the pace. A late goal put the Monders 3 points up but the Krushers had a chance to retain the lead only to have the shot miss to the left and trail by 2 points at the last break. With the home side on a roll, the Oaks wilted under the pressure managing only 1-1 as Ormond piled on 4-5 to run out 4 goal victors. Tim Scott was prolific in front of goal for Oakleigh with 6, Trevor Bromley added 3 with Michael Tate and Aaron Cloke kicking 2 each. Liam Gillard, Shane Borland and Leroy Moeller were among the Oaks best.

The reserves had a day to forget in the early game, to suggest the Oaks failed to make an impact could be deemed an understatement. After trailing by 17 points at the first change, the Krushers were overwhelmed after the break being kept goalless in the second term and scoreless in the last as the hosts ran riot winning by 134 points. Josh Abela kicked 2 goals for Oakleigh with Mark Bennett, Chris Pearson and Zac Kennedy among the best.

The women played host to Yarra Old Grammarians at Scammell Reserve and started brightly, taking a 7 point lead into the first break but went goalless in the second as Yarra picked the pace and went to the long break with a 3 goal lead. After the break, the Oaks worked hard keeping the visitors to 1 goal but could only manage one major themselves and trailed by 16 points at the last change. Yarra proved to be a bit too strong in the end eventually winning by 23 points. Stephanie Wood kicked 2 goals for Oakleigh with Madelaine Bregazzi, Casey Morris and Bonnie Nolan in the best players.

The one shining light for Oakleigh were the U/19s in the early game at Scammell where they played host to St.Bedes/Mentone. Despite having some yips in front of goal, returning 2-8 for the first quarter, the Oaks went to the first change with a 13 point lead. St.Bedes lifted in the second term although the Krushers still had accuracy problems and the advantage was reduced to 7 points at the long break. With the Tigers threatening in the third term, the Oaks rallied and lifted and went to the last break with a 3 goal lead, the last quarter became an arm wrestle as the effort began to tell on both teams with the Krushers emerging as 19 point victors. The Oaks had 9 different goalkickers with Harry Bootjies and Izaiah Elisaia among them. Justin McCarthy, Martin James and Will Harris were in the Krushers best.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 13.5.83 lt Ormond 15.17.107
Goals: Tim Scott 6, Trevor Bromley 3, Michael Tate 2, Aaron Cloke 2
Best: Liam Gillard, Shane Borland, Tim Scott, Leroy Moeller, Zac Barrett, Michael Tate

Reserves: Oakleigh 3.5.23 lt Ormond 24.13.157
Goals: Josh Abela 2, Rod Gonzalez
Best: Mark Bennett, Chris Pearson, Zac Kennedy, Rhys Hilderbrand-Wise, Joed Cook, Josh Revere

Women’s: Oakleigh 4.6.30 lt Yarra Old Grammarians 8.5.53
Goals: Stephanie Wood 2, Jordyn Bethune, Casey Morris
Best: Stephanie Wood, Madeline Bregazzi, Casey Morris, Bonnie Nolan, Adrienne Ringin, Cassie Bethune

U19s: Oakleigh 9.18.72 def St. Bedes 8.5.53
Goals: Harry Bootjes, Izaiah Elisaia, Mina Farid, Dylan Goodwill, Justin McCarthy, Jett Murphy, Ryan Powell, Ed Standish, Naum Krauer
Best: Justin McCarthy, Harry Bootjes, Martin James, Will Harris, Naum Krauer, Hayden Everett


Oakleigh continued to show improved form on Saturday playing host to Brunswick NOBSPC at Scammell Reserve in the VAFA Division 1 4th round. The Oaks started strongly with a 4 goal to 2 first term taking a 14 point lead into the second quarter where they took control of the game booting another 4 goals and keeping the visitors to 3 behinds and going into the long break with a 39 point advantage. The NOBS rallied in the third term but inaccuracy proved a curse with a 5-7 return as Oakleigh kept pace kicking 5-1 and keeping a 33 point lead into the last change. Another high scoring quarter in the last saw the Krushers pile on 6 goals to the NOBS 5 and run out victors by 38 points. Trevor Bromley led the Oaks goal kicking with 5 as Aaron Cloke and Tim Scott added 3 each. Gary Bennett, Shane Borland and Jon Rutter were some of the Krushers best.

The early game saw the Oaks bounce back from the previous week’s loss with a good win over B Brunswick NOBSPC. A strong opening term had the Oaks 9 points up at the first change increasing to 17 points at the main break with another 4 goals to the visitors 3 in the second term. Brunswick proved to be their own worst enemy in front of goal in the third quarter booting 1-8 as Oakleigh kicked truly with 6 straight and went to the last change with a 39 point lead. A fight back by the visitors in the last quarter closed the gap to 26 points before time ran out. Josh Abela was the Krushers top goalkicker with 4, Nathan Miller, Jaryd Wines and Zac Mousoulis added 2 each. Mark Bennett, Zack Kennedy and Michael Tate were in Oakleigh’s best.

The U/19s made the long trek to Altona Green Reserve to take on Williamstown CYMS and came back smiling after rolling the CYMS by 35 points. A good opening quarter had the Oaks 23 points up at the first break and on a roll as they increased the advantage to 34 points at the long break. A scoreless third term didn’t help the CYMS cause as the Krushers jumped out to a 49 point lead at the last change but the Oaks took their foot off the pedal in the last and Williamstown fought back to cut the deficit in the last but the Oaks proved too strong. Chris Galanos and Dylan Goodwill led the goal kicking with 3 each, Harry Bootjes chipped in with 2 and Jacob Pearce, Mitchell Powell and Justin McCarthy were among the Oaks best.

The women’s team took on Collegians in the first round of the Development Division 2 competition and, unfortunately, found themselves a bit outclassed on the day as Collegians ran out 50 point victors. Marnie Guerin and Stephanie Wood both kicked goals for Oakleigh with Casey Morris, Shannen Bethune and Adreienne Ringin among the best players for Oakleigh.

Final Scores: Seniors: Oakleigh 19.11.125 def Brunswick NOBS 12.15.87
Goals: Trevor Bromley 5, Aaron Cloke 3, Tim Scott 3, Corey Moore 2, Gary Bennett 2, Shane Borland, Jim Hunt, Tom Nolan, Jon Rutter
Best: Gary Bennett, Shane Borland, Jon Rutter, Corey Moore, Pat Ioannidis, Luke Pappon

Reserves: Oakleigh 15.5.95 def Brunswick NOBS 9.15.69
Goals: Josh Abela 4, Nathan Miller 2, Jaryd Wines 2, Zac Mousoulis 2, Rod Gonzalez, Ash Kitts, Jake Pappon, Brodie Weymouth, Chris Grant
Best: Zac Mousoulis, Mark Bennett, Zack Kennedy, Michael Tate, Jake Pappon, Josh Abela

U19s: Oakleigh 10.12.72 def Williamstown CYMS 5.7.37
Goals: Chris Galanos 3, Dylan Goodwill 3, Harry Bootjes 2, Lucas Cloke, Mitchell Powell
Best: Jacob Pearce, Chris Galanos, Dylan Goodwill, Mitchell Powell, Harry Bootjes, Justin McCarthy

Womens: Oakleigh 2.4.16 lt Collegians 10.6.66
Goals: Marnie Guerin, Stephanie Wood
Best: Casey Morris, Stephanie Wood, Shannen Bethune, Adrienne Ringin, Jessica Byrne, Marnie Guerin


Oakleigh renewed acquaintances  with Ivanhoe Amateurs after a long absence at Ivanhoe Park on Saturday in the VAFA Division 1 third round and soon found themselves on the back foot as the hosts leapt from the blocks with 2 quick goals before the Krushers could blink. Ivanhoe were on a roll and went to the first change with a 17 point lead, a 5 goal to 4 second term increased their advantage to 22 points at the long break and the Oaks were searching for answers.

A withering spray from coach Jamie Mollo at half-time started to pay dividends in the third quarter as the Krushers cut the lead to 10 points at the final change. Questions were again asked as Ivanhoe booted the first goal of the last term but were quickly answered as Oakleigh powered up. The Krushers upped their work rate and increased the pressure and Ivanhoe began to falter and the Oaks didn’t look back answering every challenge to run out 22 point winners. Tim Scott booted 5 goals in a best-on-ground performance for the Oaks with Aaron Cloke also kicking 5, Gary Bennett, Shane Borland and Pat Iaonnidis each added 2 goals. John Rutter and Rob Holden were in the best.

The early game was a bit one-sided as the hosts proved to be too good for a struggling Krushers outfit. After trailing by 9 points at the first break, the Oaks failed to keep pace with Ivanhoe who took a 32 point lead into the long break and then added 11 goals to 3 after half-time to cruise to an 83 point victory. Josh Abela kicked 4 goals for Oakleigh with Rod Gonzalez adding 2. Chris Pearson, Baden Wass and Michael Tate were in Oakleighs best.

The U/19s played host MHSOB at Scammell Reserve and, after conceding a 10 point lead at the first change, found playing catch-up a bit too difficult as they failed to bridge the gap finally succumbing by 16 points. Lucas Cloke led the goalkicking with 4 with Ed Standish adding 2. Jacob Pearce, Harry Bootjes and Will Harris were in the Krushers best.

The women’s team attended Mazenod College to play and were given a lesson. After matching the first quarter by kicking 2 goals apiece, we started the 2nd down by 2 pts, but allowed the nodders to score 3 goals to nil to be 25 behind at the long break. The Krushers manage to win the 3rd 1-3 to 1-2 but could only manage a further point in the last to gallantly lose by 37 points. Shannen Bethune, Maleah Gridley and Ella Madigan each kicked a goal while Cassie Bethune, Eliza Yore and Marnie Guerin were among the best.

Now that the grading games are completed, the Women’s fixture should be announced later this week.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 20.13.133 def Ivanhoe 16.15.111
Goals: Aaron Cloke 5, Tim Scott 5, Gary Bennett 2, Shane Borland 2, Pat Ioannidis 2, Trevor Bromley, Chris Mercuri, Luke Pappon, Jon Rutter
Best: Tim Scott, Pat Ioannidis, Shane Borland, Jon Rutter, Rob Holden, Aaron Cloke

Reserves: Oakleigh 7.12.54 lt Ivanhoe 20.17.137
Goals: Josh Abela 4, Rod Gonzalez 2, Matt Wilcox
Best: Chris Pearson, Baden Wass, Michael Tate, Andrew Weymouth, Matt Wilcox, Josh Abela

Women: Oakleigh 3.4.22 lt Mazenod 8.11.59
Goals: S Bethune, M Gridley, E Madigan
Best: Jade Farrugia, Shannen Bethune, Marnie Guerin, Eliza Yore, Cassie Bethune

U19s: Oakleigh 9.16.70 lt MHSOB 11.20.86
Goals: Lucas Cloke 4, Ed Standish 2, Izaiah Elisaia, Mina Farid, Tim O’Donoghue
Best: Jacob Pearce, Harry Bootjes, Will Harris, Hayden Everett, Izaiah Elisaia, Tom Gillard.


Oakleigh Amateurs opened their account in VAFA D1 division on Saturday with a nail biting win over Preston Bullants at Scammell Reserve. Oakleigh took the honours in the first term as the Bullants sprayed scoring shots for a 1-7 return to the Krushers 3-2. In the second quarter it was the Krushers who wasted opportunies in front but they still managed to hold Preston in check and went to the main change with a 3 goal advantage.
After the break the Bullants fired back and held the Oaks goalless cutting the deficit to 4 points at the last change and in a see-sawing final term both sides broke even and Oakleigh held on for a hard fought 4 point win. Aaron Cloke led the goalkicking for Oakleigh with 3 and Trevor Bromley added 2, Pat Ioannidis, Shane Borland and Luke Pappon were among the best players.
The early game saw the Krushers withstand a hard finishing Preston. After going into the first change with a 7 point lead, the Krushers booted 5 goals to 5 points in the second to go into the long break with a 34 point advantage. They followed on after the break and went to the last change with a 46 point lead but a 7 goal final term from Preston had them within 15 points at the bell. Josh Abela and Brodie Weymouth shared the goalkicking honours for Oakleigh with 3 apiece and Zac Thiessens, Josh Revere and Andrew Weymouth were in the best.
The U/19s travelled to Garvey Oval in Bundoora to take the more fancied Old Paradians and opened their 2017 account in style with a 34 point victory. Chris Galanos led the way for the Krushers with 4 goals, Dylan Goodwill and Ed Standish added 2 each with Mina Farid, Hayden Everett and Shaun Vapp in the best players.
The women played local side Monash Blues at Monash Uni on Sunday for the second match. The Blues came out firing 7 goals in the first quarter without the Krushers scoring. Monash continued their goal scoring with 5 with the scores at 77 to 0 at half time. The Krushers played a far better 3rd quarter to hold the Blues to 3 points but the we still could not score. The Blues managed to kick a further 2 in the last but the women had unable to score. Audrey Bosito, Crystal Van and Casey Morris were among the best.
Final Scores:
Seniors: Oakleigh 7.16.58 def Preston 7.12.54
Goals: Aaron Cloke 3, Trevor Bromley 2, Jack Davidson, Chris Grant
Best: Pat Ioannidis, Shane Borland, Luke Pappon, Tom Nolan, Aaron Cloke, Leroy Moeller
Reserves: Oakleigh 14.8.92 def Preston 11.11.77
Goals: Josh Abela 3, Brodie Weymouth 3, Joed Cook, Rod Gonzalez, Nathan Miller, Jake Pappon, Matt Pearson, Michael Tate, Jaryd Wines, Josh Revere
Best: Zac Thiessens, Josh Revere, Andrew Weymouth, Nathan Miller, James Chapple, Chris Pearson
U19s: Oakleigh 14.12.96 def Old Paradians 9.8.62
Goals: Chris Galanos 4, Dylan Goodwill 2, Ed Standish 2, Izaiah Elisaia, Mina Farid, Tim O’Donoghue, Hayden Everett, Harry Bootjes, Jacob Pearce
Best: Chris Galanos, Dylan Goodwill, Mina Farid, Hayden Everett, Shaun Vapp, Harry Bootjes
Womens: Oakleigh 0-0-0 lt Monash Blues 14-12-96
Best: Audrey Bostio, Crystal Van, Casey Morris, Steph Wood, Shannen Bethune, Adrienne Ringin.


It was a warm and windy Saturday and the VAFA first round had arrived at last. Oakleigh Amateurs, after a solid pre-season, were ready to go and the men’s teams made the long trek out to Keilor Park to PEGS playing fields, a barren, open place perched on the edge of a gully under a Tullamarine flight path where the wind was howling. The Krushers were quietly confident given the last time they made this trip they had a very strong win. Saturday proved to be somewhat different as a time-keeping error had the first quarter run to some 37 minutes and the second quarter run for 40 odd minutes. PEGS took advantage of first use of the wind in the first term booting 4-6 to the Krushers solitary goal but the Oaks hit back with 5 goals in the second quarter to trail by 3 points at the long break.

As the change swept in, the wind advantage dropped off and the third term was even with PEGS going into the last quarter with a 2 point advantage. Oakleigh fell away a bit in the final term and couldn’t match the home side that finished the better to run out victors by 24 points. Jack Davidson and Tim Scott led the goalkicking for Oakleigh with 3 apiece and Aaron Cloke chipped in with 2. Shane Borland, Gary Bennett and Zac Barrett were in Oakleigh’s best.

The reserves found the going a bit tougher in a low scoring affair and after a bright opening term the Krushers couldn’t keep pace with the hosts and went down by 27 points. Rod Gonzalez and Aaron Shaw were the goal kickers with Josh Revere, Andrew Weymouth and Jake Pappon among Oakleighs best.

The U/19s opened proceedings at Scammell Reserve with a tight and tough encounter with De La Salle. It was an entertaining event with the wind playing havoc at times but both teams had their moments and DLS took the running against the wind going into the first break with a 10 point lead, they extended this to 27 points at the long break as Oakleigh failed to score in the second term. However the Oaks hit back in the third term to cut the deficit to 1 point at the last change but again couldn’t break through the DLS defence into the wind in the last quarter and the visitors kicked a couple of goals to grab the win by 17 points. Dylan Goodwill kicked 3 goals for Oakleigh in a best-on-ground performance with Harry Bootjes and Callum Gillard among the best.

The shining light for Oakleigh was the performance of the women in their first official match also playing De La Salle at Scammell Reserve. The Krushers went hard from the outset with their tackling and attack on the football proving to be too much for DLS with the Oaks going to the first change with a 13 point lead. They came out for the second term the same way they started doubling their own score whilst conceding a single point and went to the main change 4-2 to 0-1. The Krushers hit a purple patch in the third term booting 3-5 as they took advantage of the breeze and with the contest over by the last change they coasted through the final term conceding a late goal but running out convincing victors by 41 points. Cassie Bethune, Jordyn Bethune and Jade Ferrugia kicked 2 goals each with Adrienne Ringin, Jessica Byrne and Shannen Bethune among the best players for Oakleigh.

Finals Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 11.7.73 lt PEGS 14.13.97
Goals: Jack Davidson 3, Tim Scott 3, Aaron Cloke 2, Chris Grant, James Hunt, John Rutter
Best: Shane Borland, Gary Bennett, Zac Barrett, Pat Ioannidis, Jack Davidson, Tim Michael

Reserves: Oakleigh 2.11.23 lt PEGS 6.14.50
Goals: Rod Gonzalez, Aaron Shaw
Best: Josh Revere, Andrew Weymouth, Aaron Shaw, Jake Pappon, Rhys Hilderbrand-Wise, James Chapple

U19s: Oakleigh 6.10.46 lt De La Salle 8.15.63
Goals: Dylan Goodwill 3, Chris Galanos, Lachlan Park, Aaron Planksken
Best: Dylan Goodwill, Harry Bootjes, Callum Gillard, Ed Standish, Will Harris, Jett Murphy

Womens: Oakleigh 7.8.50 def De La Salle 1.3.9
Goals: Cassie Bethune 2, Jordyn Bethune 2, Jade Farrugia 2, Jessica Byrne
Best: Adrienne Ringin, Jessica Byrne, Cassie Bethune, Jade Farrugia, Shannen Bethune, Casey Morris