2nd Semi Final Match Review

Oakleigh Amateurs U/19s blew away St.Bedes Mentone in Saturdays VAFA U/19 South second semi final at Warrawee Park in Oakleigh. A 6 goal opening term put the Krushers on track as they kept the Tigers to 5 behinds and took a 31 point lead into the first change. The second quarter, however, proved a challenge for the Oaks who struggled with the breeze and remained goal-less for the term as St.Bedes closed the gap to 23 points at the long break.

After a bit of a bake from the coach at half-time the Oaks came out with a different attitude and after trading goals with the Tigers early Oakleigh slammed on 6 unanswered goals and went to the last change with a 10 goal advantage. A further 5 goals to the Tigers 1 in the last completed the rout and the final siren had the Krushers 85 points up and in the Grand Final. Aaron Cloke was again the major goal-kicker finishing with 7 with Ben Still adding 4. Michael Tate, Austin Deneys and Luke Pappon were just a few of Oakleigh’s best players.

Final Scores:

Oakleigh 19-9-123 def St.Bedes Mentone 5-8-38.

Goals: Aaron Cloke 7, Ben Still 4, Zac Pearce-Thomas, Kyle Schmauder 2, Austin Deneys, Luke Pappon, Jake Lever, Jake Benoiton 1.
Best: Michael Tate, Aaron Cloke, Austin Deneys, Luke Pappon, Sam Ciavarella, Ben Still.


Round 17 Match Review

Oakleigh completed the Home section of the Home and Away part of the VAFA Premier C division season in fine fashion with a stirring victory over PEGS at Scammell Reserve on Saturday. With a stiff wind favouring the golf course end, the Krushers started reasonably well with first use and went into the first break with a 2 goal advantage. However, it all went awry in the second term as PEGS took full advantage of the wind and showed Oakleigh how it was done booting 8 goals to the Krushers 1 as they ran all over Oakleigh’s defence going into half-time with a 31 point lead and a load of confidence.

The Oaks needed a big third quarter to set up a win and ten minutes in even the most fervent of the Krusher faithful were having doubts as Oakleigh struggled to kick a goal but then it all changed as the goals came. 5 in all. And Oakleigh were 3 points up at the last change. There were still doubts, however, with PEGS having last use of the wind but the Krushers had other ideas and 2 quick goals gave them momentum and a sniff and the pressure shifted to PEGS who rallied to close the gap to 5 points but the Krushers were not about to give it up and kicked away again. A goal after the final bell to PEGS left them 2 goals short and a jubilant Oakleigh celebrated a sensational win. Tim Scott was deadly around the goals finishing with 6 as Steve Tolongs and Dermot Cleary added 2 each. Aisea Valentini, Zac Thiessens and Stuart Wines were just some of Oakleigh’s best players.

The reserves took the field in the early game with a bare 18 men and battled hard against a stronger opponent but never gave up and gave PEGS a real shake up. Granted they were fortunate with some umpiring decisions but that shouldn’t detract from their efforts that saw them fall 9 points short of an upset. Baden Wass, Jim Hunt and Matt White were all good for Oakleigh.

The U/19s travelled to Boss Reserve and a date with Hampton Rovers in the U/19s South penultimate round and came away with another big win although there were some injuries. The young Krushers dominated from the outset booting 7 goals to nothing in the opening term and going on to win by 84 points.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 15-12-102 def PEGS 14-6-90.

Goals: T.Scott 6, S.Tolongs, D.Cleary 2, Z.Thiessens, K.Hogan, C.Hogan, A.Valentini, C.Lavery.
Best: A.Valentini, Z.Thiessens, S.Wines, C.Hogan, T.Scott, K.Holden.

Reserves: Oakleigh 9-6-60 lt PEGS 10-9-69

Best: B.Wass, J.Hunt, M.White, L.Kioussis.

U/19s: Oakleigh 18-20-128 def Hampton Rovers 6-8-44.

Goals: A.Cloke 9, Z/Pearce-Thomas 5, L.Pappon, M.Tate, C.Pinney, J.Cook.
Best: M.Tate, J.Cook, S.Ciavarella, Z.Pearce-Thomas, A.Cloke, B.Still.


Round 16 Match Review.

In the VAFA Premier C division 16th round, Mazenod ended Oakleigh’s winning run in a tough encounter at Central Reserve on Saturday. The ladder leaders didn’t have things their own way as the Krushers steadfastly refused to be impressed by Mazenods win/loss ratio of 14-1 and took the game right up to the Nodders in the first half with scores even at the first change and only a point separating the two teams at the long break in what was a low scoring affair to that point with only 6 goals kicked for the game.

The second half proved to be a different scenario as the hosts lifted and the Oaks lost momentum after some good fortune went the way of Mazenod and they took advantage and opened up a 16 point break at the final change. Oakleigh continued to battle hard but the Nodders were on a roll and weren’t to be denied and booted 6 goals to the Krushers 1 to run away with a 47 point win. Oakleigh captain Dermot Cleary led the way for his team with a gutsy display despite having his eye split open by an errant elbow in the last term that sent him from the field. Chris Hogan and Andrew Murray were also in the best for Oakleigh.

The early game proved to be a lot easier for the hosts as a struggling Oakleigh couldn’t keep pace with their superior opponents and were thumped by 113 points. Alex Pound-Gow kicked 2 goals for Oakleigh with Jason Olson and James Fitzgerald among the best.

The U/19s hosted Peninsula at the spiritual home of football in Oakleigh, Warrawee Park, and after allowing the Pirates the first goal of the game proceeded with a clinical demolition of their visitors in what was really little more than a training run for Oakleigh.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 6-6-42 lt Mazenod 13-11-89.

Goals: L.Barrand, S.Wines, C.Lavery, S.Tolongs, T.Bromley, T.Scott 1.
Best: D.Cleary, C.Hogan, A.Murray, J.Chapple, P.Holden, A.Valentini.

Reserves: Oakleigh 4-4-28 lt Mazenod 20-21-141.

Goals: A.Pound-Gow 2, J.Fitzgerald, A.Shaw 1.
Best: J.Olsen, J.Fitzgerald, S.Way, W.Manning, M.Klonaridis, M.White.

U/19s: Oakleigh 28-21-189 def Peninsula 3-5-23.

Goals:  A.Cloke 13, Z.Pearce-Thomas 3, A.Deneys, J.Cook 2, A.Mase, C.Pinney, K.Schmauder, C.Grant, J.Benoiton, J.Davidson, L.Pappon, J.Lever .
Best: C.Grant, Z.Pearce-Thomas, M.Tate, C.Pearson, A.Mase, A.Cloke.


Round 15 Match Review.

Oakleigh continued their winning run making it three in a row with a hard fought victory over North Old Boys at Scammell Reserve in Saturdays VAFA C grade round 15 fixture. Having come off second best in their last meeting, Oakleigh were keen to make amends and keep their quest to avoid the relegation zone on track. The Krushers had first use of a strong wind and made a bit of a mess of it booting 1-10 with NOBS answering with 1-2. Oakleigh fared much better against the gale in the second term adding 4 goals and kept the visitors to 3-4 taking a 12 point lead into the main break.

A low scoring third quarter saw North sneak closer to the Krushers before a couple of late goals steadied the Oaks and gave them a 17 point advantage going into the last change. With NOBS having the wind in the last term, the Oaks knew they had to work hard and, as the rain came, they pulled out all the stops and made a mockery of the conditions piling on 5 goals to the visitors solitary point and ran away with a 48 point win moving up to seventh spot on the ladder in the process. Steve Tolongs celebrated his return to the seniors with 4 goals with Trevor Bromley also adding 4. Pat Ioannidis, Kevin Holden and Chris Hogan were among Oakleigh’s best.

The early game saw an undermanned Oakleigh work hard to stay in touch with NOBS going into half-time 10 points in arrears before a scoreless third term set the cause back dramatically. A late charge in the final quarter came too late and the Krushers went down by 22 points. Will Manning booted 3 goals for Oakleigh in a best-on-ground performance with Kieran Hogan and Baden Wass also among the best.

The U/19s travelled over the Mentone Grammar Playing Fields for the battle of the top two with Old Mentonians in the U/19 South 15th round and prevailed after a tough contest in tough conditions emerging victors by 19 points. Ben Still kicked 3 goals for Oakleigh with Austin Deneys and Joed Cook adding 2 each. Michael Tate and Andrew Mase were in Oakleighs best players.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 12-15-87 def NOBS/St.Pats 5-9-39.

Goals: T.Bromley, S.Tolongs 4, J.Hunt, S.Wines, C.Lavery, T.Scott 1.
Best: P.Iaonnidis, K.Holden, C.Hogan, N.Seel, L.Barrand, P.DiSiervi.

Reserves: Oakleigh 7-9-51 lt NOBS/St.Pats 11-7-73.

Goals: W.Manning 3, J.Wines, G.Valenzuela, J.Fitzgerald, J.Olson 1.
Best: W.Manning, J.Olson, B.Wass, K.Hogan, G.Valenzuela, J.Wines.

U/19s: Oakleigh 9-17-71 def Old Mentonians 7-10-52.

Goals: B.Still 3, A.Deneys, J.Cook 2, L.Gillard, K.Schmauder 1.
Best: M.Tate, A.Mase, B.Still, J.Cook, A.Deneys, L.Gillard.


 Round 13 Match Reviews

It was a soggy Saturday and Oakleigh made the trip to Heidelberg for their return match with Banyule. The Krushers, whose recent form had seen a marked improvement since the last time these two teams had met, had grown in confidence and fancied themselves a chance against the Bears who’d been struggling of late. The conditions were dismal. The ground was in poor condition and it was raining and cold yet, to their credit, both teams and the umpires went out and put on a pretty good show. Banyule took the early running with a couple of goals before Oakleigh hit the target booting 3 to take a 4 point lead into the first change. The Bears hit the front early in the second term but again Oakleigh struck back with another 3 goals to clear out to a 20 point lead at the main change and, given the conditions, it was a valuable lead as goals became increasingly hard to come by.

The slog continued in the third quarter with Banyule adding 2 more goals but the Oaks were proving to be more adept at wet weather footy and added 3-4 for the term including Trevor Bromley unleashing a “Bromley Bomb” torpedo that split the middle and brought the small but appreciative crowd to it’s feet.  The Krushers took a 5 goal lead into the final term and seemed to relax as Banyule lifted with 3 goals but Oakleigh rallied and answered with 5 to finish 44 points up at the bell. Bromley led the goalkicking with 3, Dermot Cleary and Tim Scott added 2 each. Gary Bennet, Peter Holden and Lee Barrand were in Oakleigh’s best.

The Reserves battled hard but due to injuries found themselves a man short for most of the early game. Only 11 points adrift at half-time, the Krushers took the game up to the Bears in the third term but couldn’t buy a goal, adding 6 points for the quarter to the Bears 2 goals. More of the same in the last quarter put paid to any chance of a miracle and they succumbed by 34 points. Chris Lavery kicked 2 goals for Oakleigh with Ben Hogan, Adam Matthieson and Matt Wass in the best.

The U/19s hosted Beaumaris at Scammell Reserve and given a wake-up call as the Sharks proved to better at wet weather football than the young Krushers. The Oaks didn’t handle the conditions at all well and had their colours lowered for the second time this season. After having it fairly easy for some weeks now, the Oaks got a reminder that complacency is not an option if you want to bring the silverware home in September. Zac Pearce-Thomas led the goal-kicking with 2 and Michael Tate and Austin Deneys among the best. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Final Scores:

 Seniors: Oakleigh 14.12.96 v Banyule 8.4.52

Goals: Trevor Bromley 3, Dermot Cleary 2, Tim Scott 2, Lee Barrand, Gary Bennett, Mimo Demachki, Pat Ioannidis, Zac Thiessens
Best: Gary Bennett, Peter Holden, Lee Barrand, Chris Hogan, David Counihan, Jim Hunt

Reserves: Oakleigh 4.12.36 v Banyule 10.10.70

Goals: Chris Lavery 2, Jim Cleary, Lee Webster
Best: Ben Hogan, Adam Matthiesson, Matt Wass, Michael Klonaridis, Will Manning, Chris Lavery

Under 19s Oakleigh 6.7.43 v Beaumaris 10.14.74

Goals: Zac Pearce-Thomas 2, Austin Deneys, Chris Grant, Luke Pappon, Ben Still
Best: Michael Tate, Austin Deneys, Zac Pearce-Thomas, Zac Barrett, Chris Grant, Alex Seremelis


Round 12 Match Reviews

Seniors. After a week’s rest due the VAFAs annual representative games, normal fixtures resumed on Saturday with Oakleigh making the trek to Chelsworth Park for their round 12 meeting with Old Ivanhoe. After the previous rounds mauling of second placed Monash Blues, the Krushers were quietly confident of a good showing against fourth placed Old Ivanhoe and, whilst they didn’t win, they didn’t disappoint. Taking the game right up to their hosts, the Krushers fought hard to keep in touch and were unlucky not to be a lot closer at the finish. With drizzling rain making the conditions more slippery as the game wore on control became a key factor and Old Ivanhoe seemed to handle it a bit better than Oakleigh and eventually took the honours by 29 points. Trevor Bromley was brilliant up forward for Oakleigh booting 7 goals before a hamstring twinge sent him to the bench for the last quarter. Tom Golik, in his first senior game for the club, added 2 goals with James Chapple, in his 150th game, and Steve Buchanan, in his 50th, both among the best players.

Reserves.  The Reserves put up a gallant fight in the early game with a basic 18 men and an injured player on the bench and stayed with their more accomplished opponents for the first half before the weight of numbers and fitness took its toll and their efforts faded as Old Ivanhoe took control and ran away with the game winning by 71 points. Aaron Shaw kicked 2 goals and Mimo Dimachki booted the goal of the match with a bomb from the centre square. Stuart Wines, Luke Kioussis and Matt Wass were in Oakleigh’s best. 

Under 19s. The U/19s held court at Scammell Reserve against a depleted Ormond and smashed the visitors by 176 points. Aaron Cloke kicked a club record 22 goals in the demolition with Joed Cook and Luke Pappon adding 2 each. Right from first bounce the young Krushers took charge and were hardly challenged by their undermanned opposition finishing with a 10 goal final term. Austin Deneys, Tex Minchin, Ben Still and Chris Grant were in the Oaks best.

Final Scores:

Seniors: Oakleigh 16.11.107 lt Old Ivanhoe 21.10.136.

Goals: Trevor Bromley 7, Tommy Golik 2, Lee Barrand, Gary Bennett, Dermott Cleary, Chris Hogan, Andrew Murray, Tim Scott, Simon Way.

Best: Trevor Bromley, James Chapple, Pat DiSiervi, Lee Barrand, Aisea Valentini, Steve Buchanan.

Reserves: Oakleigh 7.7.49 lt Old Ivanhoe 19.6.120.

Goals: Aaron Shaw 2, Mimo Dimachki, Ben Hogan, Matt Wass, Matt White, Stuart Wines.

Best: Stuart Wines, Luke Kioussis, Matt Wass, Michael Klonaridis, Chris Lavery, Ben Hogan.

Under 19s: 32.20.212 def Ormond 5.6.36.

Goals: Aaron Cloke 22, Joed Cook 2, Luke Pappon 2, Jake Benoiton, Austin Deneys, Scott Murray, Alex Seremelis, Ben Still, Andrew Weymouth.

Best: Aaron Cloke, Austin Deneys, Luke Pappon, Tex Minchin, Ben Still, Chris Grant.