Oakleigh Amateurs leapt into VAFA Division 1 four following the 100 point demolition of St. Johns Old Collegians at Scammell Reserve on Saturday. It did help that the previous tenants, Preston Bullants, were on the wrong end of a 70 point shellacking by top side St. Marys/Salesian but the Oaks are in the four and Preston isn’t and that’s what matters at this time. The trick, of course, is to stay there come finals time. On yet another windy Saturday and James Chapple playing game 200, the Oaks got away to a reasonable start with first use of the breeze booting 3-4 to the Jocs solitary goal and went to the first break with a 16 point lead. The Krushers went to work in the second term piling on 6 goals into the wind while keeping the Jocs to 2.

Half-time came and the Oaks had a commanding 41 point lead and had next use of the wind. The opportunity wasn’t wasted as the Oaks booted 7 goals straight to St. Johns 2 goals and went to the last change with a 71 point advantage effectively ending the contest. Oakleigh kept their momentum in the last adding another 6 goals as the visitors could manage only 1 against a miserly Oakleigh defence. The Oaks rounded the difference up to 100 points at the bell with Aaron Cloke leading the goalkicking with 9, Trevor Bromley added 5 and Tim Scott chipped in with 3. Chris Mercuri, Pat Ioannidis and Ben Hogan were in the Oaks best players.

The early game was a tight affair with the Krushers emerging victorious by 11 points after a bit of a drought.

The U/19s travelled to Brindisi St. reserve for a date with St. Bedes Mentone and with injuries taking a toll on numbers found themselves with 19 players and up against a side desperate to get in the four. The Krushers battled hard and went to the first break 2 points up but couldn’t breach the St.Bedes defence in the second term and slipped to 31 points in arrears at the long break. A rally in the third term saw the Oaks get within 2 goals at the last change but the Tigers had the wind and the momentum and ran over the top of the Krushers to win by 39 points.

There were no match details for this game at the time of writing. There were no match details for the reserves game either.

Final Scores:
Seniors: Oakleigh 22-9-141 def St. Johns OC 6-5-41.
Goals: A.Cloke 9, T.Bromley 5, T.Scott 3, G.Bennett, J.Hunt, J.Revere, J.Chapple, C.Grant 1.
Best: T.Scott, A.Cloke, C.Mercuri, P.Ioannidis, B.Hogan, G.Bennett.
Reserves: Oakleigh 10-8-68 def St. Johns OC 8-9-57
Goals: J. Abela 4, R. Gonzalez 3, S. Murray, D. Ruddy, A. Khodr 1.
Best: M. Bennett, J. Abela, B. Weymouth, K. Holden, A. Khodr, R. Gonzalez.

U/19s: Oakleigh 7-6-48 lt St. Bedes Mentone 12-15-87.
Goals: S. Carney 2, E. Standish, D. Goodwill, R. Powell, C. Galanos, T. Gillard 1.
Best: J. McCarthy, S. Carney, H. Boontjes, J. Pearce, J. Murphy, H. Everett.