The Krushers B&F was held at Merrimu Receptions on 29th September 2016. The winners announced with the Senior Captain Dermot Cleary and wingman Pat Ioannidis tying for 1st with Tim Doherty claiming third. The Reserves  finished with Chris Grant for 1st and close second is Andrew Murray followed by Josh Abela. The young Under 19’s winner is Corey Moore closely followed by Dylan Goodwill and Kevin Baras for third. The club awards went to Peter Ciavarella for Club Person, the Krusher Khronicle medals were handed to Kevin Holden and Josh Revere. Barry Alexander awarded the Presidents Trophy to Mark Chapple & Family and a shocked Lyn Chapple received Life Membership.


Pat Ioannidis


Dermot Cleary


Chris Grant


Corey Moore