Krusher Kup

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When: 27 April 2019
Time: From 7pm
Where: W.A. Scammell Reserve
What to wear: Race Wear Attire


$20 Entry at the door

Tables available

Fashions on the field for Ladies and Gents

First Race at 8pm

Horses available for purchase on prior Thursday & Saturday Evenings

Scammell Grand Opening

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Round 10 Match Reviews

For a time there during their VAFA Premier C round 10 clash, the Krusher faithful dared to dream of a major upset after the Oaks gave Marcellin one hell of a fright in the second term at Scammell Reserve. After a solid start, the Krushers started to slip behind and it began to look as if another slaughter was on the cards.

Going into the second quarter trailing by 19 points, the Oaks lifted their intensity and struck back hard booting 5 goals and hitting the front before a slip in concentration let the visitors back in. A visibly shaken Eagles went to the long break 2 points ahead but were determined to make amends and came out firing in the third term as the momentum and the intensity Oakleigh had before the break dissipated. The Krushers tried hard to regain their earlier form but a 7 goal to 1 quarter by the Eagles effectively put the game out of reach.

The Krushers kept fighting though and were competitive around the ground but couldn’t capitalise on their forward moves as Marcellin seemed to be able wriggle out of trouble nearly every time. When the final siren brought proceedings to an end the Eagles had triumphed by 50 points which was hardly the sort of result wanted to celebrate Trevor Bromley’s 250th game and Pat DiSiervi’s 150th. Lee Barrand kicked 3 goals for Oakleigh with Steve Tolongs adding 2 as Nick Seel, Peter Holden and Simon Way led the best players. In the early game, Oakleigh started well trailing by 5 points at the first change but were soon put in their place as ladder leaders Marcellin put their foot down and ran over a game but outgunned Krushers who continue to struggle as injuries take a toll.

Stuart Wines, Chris Lavery and Jake Pappon were among Oakleighs best as the goals were shared between Aaron Binns, Tom Golik and Leigh Webster. The U/19s again provided the high point with a strong win over DeLaSalle in the U/19s South division match kicking the frost off the Scammell Reserve oval in the very early game. A 5 goal opening term whilst keeping the visitors goal-less set the young Krushers up but a bit of complacency in the second quarter saw DeLaSalle win the term and have a laugh at Oakleigh’s expense. This got under the Oaks skin and they came out after the break determined to put the visitors in their place and proceeded to do just that with a 7 goal to 1 third term and another 7 goals to 3 in the last just for good measure running out comfortable 87 point winners. Zac Pearce-Thomas led the goalkicking for Oakleigh with 7, Liam Gillard and Jake Lever kicked 3 apiece with Jake Benoitton and Andrew Mase adding 2 each. Michael Tate and Luke Pappon were also among Oakleighs best.

Final Scores:

1sts: Oakleigh 8.12.60 lt Marcellin 16.14.110.

Goals: Lee Barrand 3, Steve Tolongs 2, Trevor Bromley, Dermot Cleary, Pat Ioannidis 1.
Best: Nick Seel, Peter Holden, Simon Way, Baden Wass, Kevin Holden, Gary Bennett.

2nds: Oakleigh 3.1.19 lt Marcellin 24.20.164.

Goals: Aaron Binns, Tommy Golik, Leigh Webster 1.
Best: Stuart Wines, Chris Lavery, Jake Pappon, Jack Van Der Ven, Brett Ernst, Adam Matthiesson.

U/19s: Oakleigh 21.13.139 def De La Salle 7.10.52.

Goals: Zac Pearce-Thomas 7, Liam Gillard 3, Jake Lever 3, Jake Benoitton 2, Andrew Mase 2, Chris Grant, Luke Pappon, Michael Tate, Andrew Weymouth 1.
Best: Liam Gillard, Zac Pearce-Thomas, Jake Lever, Michael Tate, Andrew Mase, Luke Pappon.


Round 9 Match Reviews

On Saturday in the VAFA Premier C divisions ninth round, Oakleigh made the long trip out to Essendon Grammars sporting fields to do battle with PEGS. Optimistic after a weeks rest but still undermanned, the Krushers’ slow start once again had them playing catch-up football after conceding a 28 point lead to the hosts at the first change. After a fairly even second term the Oaks went into the long break trailing by 5 goals but an indifferent third quarter saw the deficit blow out to 8 goals and, if not for PEGS inaccuracy, the Krushers were facing annihilation. However, a fightback in the last term saw Oakleigh pile on 7 goals to PEGS 3 before the final bell ended proceedings with the Oaks still 24 points adrift. Tim Scott got busy with 3 goals in a best-on- ground display for Oakleigh with Gary Bennett and Jim Hunt adding 2 each and Simon Way and Andrew Murray also in the best. The reserves, feeling the brunt of the player shortage, had a day to forget as they were no match for a vastly superior PEGS outfit. Chris Lavery, Kieren Hogan and Jack Van Der Ven battled hard against the odds for Oakleigh. On a brighter note, the U/19s popped over to Monash Uni for a date with Monash Blues in the U/19 South comp and after an even first half the Oaks held on to a slender 5 point lead at the main change. A revitalised Oakleigh upped their work rate in the second half and took the match away from Monash adding 9-14 for the second half. Had they kicked straight the difference may well have been a lot more than the 52 point margin at the finish. Zac Pearce- Thomas booted 6 for Oakleigh with Michael Tate, Tex Minchin and Austin Deneys among the best.

Final Scores:

1sts: Oakleigh 13.7.85 lt PEGS 15.19.109

Goals: Tim Scott 3, Gary Bennett 2, Jim Hunt 2, Lee Barrand, Dermot Cleary, Peter Holden, Pat Ioannidis, Andrew Middlemiss, Zac Thiessens 1
Best: Tim Scott, Gary Bennett, Simon Way, James Hunt, Andrew Murray, Peter Holden

2nds: Oakleigh 2.6.18 lt PEGS 21.8.134

Goals: Kieren Hogan, Michael Klonaridis.
Best: Chris Lavery, Kieren Hogan, Jack Van Der Ven, Jason Olson, Jake Pappon, Tommy Golik

U/19s: Oakleigh 12.21.93 v Monash 6.5.41

Goals: Zac Pearce-Thomas 6, Jake Benoiton, Jack Davidson, Jake Lever, Andrew Mase, Clinton Pinney, Alex Seremelis 1
Best: Michael Tate, Zac Pearce-Thomas, Tex Minchin, Austin Deneys, Jack Davidson, Alex Seremelis


Round 6 Match Reviews

After a tough first 5 rounds Oakleigh Amateurs finally saluted the judges on Saturday in the VAFAs Premier C division. Travelling to Mt.Eliza to renew acquaintances with long time foe Peninsula Old Boys, the Krushers put aside the upheaval and disappointment of the previous week, which saw the senior coach and the club part company, and set about making amends. A little slow out of the blocks early, the Krushers soon got on the pace and set themselves up nicely with a prolific, if somewhat wasteful, first term which realised 4-8 to the Pirates 2-1. Oakleigh’s confidence grew as the game wore on increasing the pressure on the hosts as they forced turnovers with some fierce tackling. The long break saw the Krushers 29 points up and the third quarter saw the Krushers really grab the game by the throat. The Peninsula defence wilted from the constant barrage from Oakleigh’s running players as the Oaks added 5-3 for the term whilst the Oakleigh defence held the Pirates to 2-3 and the Krushers went to the final change with a 47 point lead and a skip in their step knowing their first win of the year was within their grasp. The last quarter was a bit of an arm wrestle as Peninsula tried their best to bridge the gap but the Oaks stood firm and savoured a 45 point win. Steve Tolongs led the goalkicking for Oakleigh with 5 and Lee Barrand and Dermot Cleary joined in with 3 each. Steve Buchanan, Aaron Cloke and Aisea Valentini were in the Krushers best. The Reserves started poorly, conceding 5 goals to one in the opening term and from there it was catch-up footy for the rest of the game. They worked very hard, closing the gap to 10 points at one stage as they out scored the Pirates in the second half before succumbing by 16 points at the final siren. Mimo Dimachki booted 3 for Oakleigh with Jack Hind adding 2 goals. Gerard Roney, Nick Seel and David Counihan were all among the best players. The U/19s had a day out at Scammell Reserve as they played host to Parkdale Vultures in their VAFA U/19 South sixth round clash. From the opening bounce it was all Oakleigh as they kept the Vultures goalless in the first half, booting 12 themselves and adding another 17 after half-time allowing Parkdale a solitary major for the game. Austin Deneys kicked 9 with Alex Seremelis and Kyle Schmauder adding 5 apiece. Sam Ciavarella, Joed Cook and Chris Grant were also among the best for Oakleigh. Sadly the Thirds were forced to forfeit.


Oakleigh 16.16.112 def Peninsula 9.13.67.

Goals: Steve Tolongs 5, Lee Barrand 3, Dermot Cleary 3, James Hunt 2, Aaron Cloke, Andrew Mase, Pat Di Siervi.

Best: Steve Buchanan, Dermot Cleary, Aaron Cloke, Steve Tolongs, Aisea Valentini, Lee Barrand.


Oakleigh 8.8.56 lt Peninsula 10.10.70.

Goals: Mimo Dimachki 3, Jack Hind 2, Michael Klonaridis, Chris Lavery, Geraed Roney.

Best: Gerard Roney, Nick Seel, David Counihan, Luke Kioussis, Jack Van Der Ven, James Faranda.


Oakleigh 29.23.147 def Parkdale 1.2.8.

Goals: Austin Deneys 9, Alex Seremelis 5, Kyle Schmauder 5, Jack Davidson 3, Jake Benoiton, Liam Gillard, Chris Grant, Tex Minchin, Ben Still, Michael Tate.

Best: Austin Deneys, Kyle Schmauder, Alex Seremelis, Sam Ciavarella, Joed Cook, Chris Grant.